Feeling Sexy During Pregnancy

Now that you are pregnant, you are probably ecstatically happy that you will soon be welcoming a new addition into your family. But you might also be feeling a little nervous, and maybe even a bit sad, about all the changes your body is going through. Pregnancy can bring on a number of physical changes. From an expanding belly, to bigger breasts, it can sometimes be difficult to accept these rapid changes to your appearance. And your mood and pregnancy symptoms might make these changes even harder to deal with. So, if you are feeling a little negative about your pregnancy body image, here are some ways to get you feeling sexy during pregnancy!

Changing Images
Maintaining a positive body image is tough for most women these days, and being pregnant can make your body image even harder to deal with. Now that you are pregnant, you may be feeling very insecure about the ways in which your body is changing. You may not be welcoming those added curves, extra pounds, or that round pregnancy belly, and being "sexy" may feel like an unreachable goal. Constantly seeing all those perfectly-pregnant Hollywood stars can make matters even worse! But it is important to remember that pregnancy is a very difficult time for many women.

Feeling unattractive, awkward, and even ugly is something that plagues most pregnant women at some point. However, these feelings often don’t reflect the physical truth – instead they are a result of the rapid emotional and physical adjustments that women are required to make during pregnancy. So if your body image is suffering a little during your pregnancy you are not alone. It is important to try to boost your self image, so that you can feel sexy once again and regain that confidence that you had during your pre-pregnancy days!

That Hot Body
During pregnancy it can be easy to get caught up in all the negatives about your appearance: if the size of your belly is bothering you, then that’s probably all you’ll ever see in the mirror; if your hair or skin feels oily, than that could be enough to make you see the rest of your body in a negative light. But one of the keys to feeling sexy is to focus on the positives that pregnancy brings.


  • Beautiful Hair: Believe it or not, expect to see some beautiful, shiny, thick hair during the second trimester of your pregnancy. As your hormones kick in, they will begin to nourish your hair, making it feel gorgeously silky and smooth!
  • Long Nails: If you’ve had trouble growing your nails in the past, you don’t need to worry anymore! Pregnancy often causes fingernails to grow faster than they would normally, which means you can show them off in a variety of styles and colors!
  • Glowing Skin: You’ve heard people talking about that pregnancy glow, and you may be waiting for yours to kick in. Well, don’t worry, it will! The increased blood flow during pregnancy will give your complexion a rosy glow!
  • More Cleavage: Pregnancy often increases the size of your breasts by one or two cup sizes. Enhance that cleavage and enjoy it!


Lets Talk About Sex!
Sex can often be a big issue with couples during pregnancy. You might not be feeling sexy enough to actively participate in your old sex routines for a number of reasons. Some women feel awkward with the changes in their body and worry about their partner touching them in intimate ways. You may be afraid that your partner won’t find you attractive anymore or even want to be sexually intimate. In fact, many men find that pregnancy only enhances your sexual attraction. That added weight gain, those new curves, and that pregnant belly are a real turn-on for most men, and shouldn’t stop you from participating in sexual activity.

If you are finding it hard to be sexy when it comes to the bedroom, talk with your partner about your fears. Keeping an open and honest dialogue often goes a long way to boosting body image. Try cuddling, kissing, or showering together to get the heat going, or focus on other intimate activities such as body massages, baths, and candlelit dinners. The right underwear can also go a long way to making you feel sexy, and you’ll be glad to know that there are a variety of pregnancy thongs, bikinis, briefs, and bras to keep you feeling and looking your best!

Dressing the Part
Clothes are usually another big issue during pregnancy. In the past, women were relegated to wearing tents and spacesuits for nine months, but now we are much more lucky. There are hundreds of stores that offer comfortable, fashionable, and sexy clothes for the expectant mom. And you don’t need to spend a fortune to add these items to your wardrobe.

To boost your self-esteem, be sure to buy clothes that fit. Don’t try to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy clothes, because they were not designed for your sexy new pregnancy body. Instead, buy proper maternity clothes that will hug your new curves! Pick up a couple of pairs of jeans and skirts, and mix and match tops that will add color and style to your look. Be sure to buy one outfit that you feel your sexiest in, and wear it whenever you like!

Staying Sexy
To keep feeling sexy throughout your pregnancy, here are some great tips to follow:


  • Spoil Yourself: You can’t be expected to feel sexy if you are constantly working, cleaning the house, or meeting the demands of others. Be sure to spoil yourself – get a manicure, get your hair done, or go for that massage! These things can go a long way to making you feel sexy.
  • Exercise: Though you may not feel like it, exercising can also help to feel sexy throughout your pregnancy. Even a simple walk around the block will get your heart pumping and your energy flowing, and really boost your body image.
  • Watch Your Weight: Though you are free to eat treats from time to time, try not to go overboard. Keeping your weight gain between the recommended 25 and 35 pounds will help you feel sexy and confident.
  • Be Positive: The best way to feel sexy is to tell yourself how great you are. Look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth: that you are a sexy, confident pregnant woman.



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i always had acne and really worried that my pregnancy was going to make it worse since i heard many women get bad acne during pregnancy. however i am so happy that since i have been pregnant my face has totally cleared up. i have never looked better. the hormones seem to be working in my favor. i hope my skin stays this clear after i have my son.
4 years ago