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Baby_Tabby - October 8 4:50pm

I am single and I know I can't handle a baby right now. I get uneasy with the idea of an adoption agency because of all the stories I've heard and read. I would like a private adoption if thats possible. I live in central IL and I am due next February. I won't find out the babies s_x for a couple more weeks, but we are both healthy. You can e-mail me at baby_tabby2012 at yahoo if you want to talk or have any questions or suggestions. Thank you.

Somedaybaby - October 8 11:29pm

I emailed you.

NJTCRT2005 - October 9 12:17am

It wont let me email you for some reason. mine is njbcrt2004 at hotmail dot com

NJTCRT2005 - October 9 12:31am

I sent you an email. It finally let me send you one. Hope to hear back from you Baby_Tabby

nicole167 - October 10 6:11pm

We are also in Illinois...emailed you hope to hear back from you soon.

Baby_Tabby - October 12 3:01pm

I just want to give an update. I am reading thru all the e-mails and trying to decide who to move forward with. I thought the choice to give up my baby was hard enough, but trying to decide where I think he/she will be happy and secure is almost as hard... Please be patient and I will respond as soon as I can. I am amazed at all the incredible people willing to give my baby a chance... Thank you

lacie583 - October 13 3:00pm

Thanks for the update! Look forward to hearing from you either way!

helenwattie - October 14 3:22am

Hi. I'm sure you have plenty of people responding to your post, hoping to adopt your baby, and I'm another one! If you haven't yet decided on a family please consider us! We would make wonderful parents and I'm happy to send you information about us if you are still considering adoption and if you haven't yet decided on a family to help you and your baby. We would happily visit you to talk about what you would like to see happen and to see if we are a good match. My email is helenwattie at gmail dot com. Love to hear from you. Helen & Scott (New Zealand couple moving to USA)

nicole167 - October 16 12:57pm

Thanks for the update! looking forward to hearing from you either way. I know this is a very hard choice for you, thoughts and prayers are going your way.

lito - October 17 3:32pm

I as well emailed you please contact me by email in you would like further information. Prayers and thouhts go out to you.

lito - October 17 3:36pm

I tried to email you but it wont allow me to... Are you able to contact me?

Sl - October 18 2:40pm

If you are still looking for birth parents..please let me know,,I don't want to overwhelm you even more...

lito - October 18 2:49pm

Hi, thank you for your message are you able to send me your e mail address the one listed is not working !

lito - October 18 4:18pm

I think there has been a misunderstanding I'm looking to ADOPT ?

clstuart - October 21 9:26pm

We just emailed you. Hope to hear from you!


Ejesbe - October 28 6:31pm

I emailed you. Please respond when you can. My husband and I live in Ohio. Email me at samanthaelrod1 at yahoo dot com. - November 17 10:24pm

We would love to give your baby a loving home, please email us.


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