Looking For A Good Family To Adopt My Babies Twins

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shannon1379 - July 20

My name's shannon and I'm looking for a family to adopt my baby. I'm due on aug. 12th. I'm 19 years old and have have had prenatal care and I have medicaid. Please email me at ----- if you're interested and meet the following requirements: 1) been married at least three years, 2) go to church on a regular basis, 3) willing to have an open adoption, 4) have no biological children, 5) willing to meet me before delivery, 6) the adoptive mom will be a stay-at-home mom.


shannon1379 - July 20

actually you can have biological children.. i just don't want to worry about the bioglogical child being favored over the adoptive one.


lis0803 - July 22

Are you prepared to adopt internationally ??? Is this a decision you are sure about ??? My partner and I have been together 6 years and engaged for 3 - just slack on getting married, willing for open adoption. have no biological children. willing to meet with you. and I was planning to be a stay at home mum when the time comes. I don't go to church regualy ( because I live a distance from nearest church) I would be willing to bring the child up in a church environment if this was your wish. I was brought up in a catholic environment.


beckylm143 - August 4

Hi Shannon, My name is Becky and my husband and I have been working with an agency for four months to find a birthmother. We've been trying to conceive our own child for 3 years and decided that what we truly want is not a pregnancy but a child to build our family. We've been married for six years and live in California. Please let me know if you'd like to learn more about my husband and I. We would love to learn more about you. You are making a very difficult decision and we wish you the best in your search for a family to love your children. Wishing you a healthy end of your pregnancy and hope to hear from you, Becky


Ann Snelson - August 10

My family is looking to add another member. My husband and I have been married 10 years. We have three bio children ages 5,7 and 9. All three beautiful boys.We have always wanted at least 4 children (maybe 5) but our oldest two children have Autism. The oldest is moderate and able to mainstream in school with a one on one aid but the other with autism is unable to speak despite being in therapy most of his life. They are the light of my life. I have gone through the anguish of trying to decide if we should just have another baby but I can not in good conscience get pregnant knowing that after two kids with autism our chances are about 1 in 4 of it reoccurring. I feel I could for certain handle and love another child of special needs but even though I am only 27 the reality is I will NOT live forever and I don't want to cause someone else to have to be the caregiver to another child once I am unable. No matter how much I have tried to get over the desire for another baby I am certain now the pull will never be gone. I am driven to mother, to love and nurture. It's my greatest joy in life and I know there is another baby out there that needs some of the love my family has to offer. I am just not sure where that little bundle is. We are a religeous family but do not currently attend a church. It is not easy to do so with special needs children. My boys just can't be still and quiet at church and its very difficult to find a church that has cla__ses specifically for them. My husband and I are open to any baby or babies no matter the race/s_x of the child/children. We make a descent living but are by no means wealthy. Our children have never wanted for anything though. We live in a nice neighborhood, I work from home and own my own business so am able to coordinate my work around my husbands so as to very infrequently ever need child care. A mothers day out at a great church close by two days a week was all the childcare my 5 year old (the one not delayed) ever needed. He had much one on one time throughout his childhood, something we still make a priority to accomplish for all of the boys. Open adoption is fine with both of us, and I welcome not only email but phone calls if you prefer a more personal conversation. all my contact info can be found on my business website which is annsnelson.com


vdisanza - August 11

Hi Shannon. My wife and meet ALL your criteria!!! We have been involved in an adoption for over 3 years (internationally) and have been approved locally and by a foreign government. Unfortunately the foreign government has prolonged the adoption so long and it might never happen. We are so sad! We hav been married for 9 years and have no kids :-( We both go to church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). I served a volunteer mission for 2 years. I own my own business. I am a college graduate. My wife is the coolest person in the world! She is fun! She will be a stay-at-home mom. We would love to work with you!!! Please call. 951-970-8159 Vinny and Megan Disanza.


loriandmatt95 - August 12

My husband and i have been married almost, fifteen years. We have tried to adopt three times, and everytime something falls through. We are praying for a little girl or boy to come into our lives. We can promise your baby, a very loving, warm, christian home. We would love to hear from you.


indymommy - September 1

hello I know u probably have already had ur baby but if u havent chosen a adoptive family I would love to talk to you about your baby.We do have children but would never treat ur baby like he/she isnt our own.They would all be treated as we love them and they are our world.Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about us. Thank you and hope to hear from you


moocheevan - September 7

If you are seriously looking for someone to adopt your baby girl go to Circle K Facility online my information is posted


moocheevan - September 7

If you are seeking someone to adopt your twins let me know


gunter - September 21

where are you from me and my husband has been together for over 11 years we have one child who is 8 and we long to adopt. I am a stay at home mom..


moocheevan - September 24

IF you have not already found a family reply to moocheevan at aol . com Thanks


Courtney9501 - September 30

If you are still seeking please contact me asap (518)858-6037 ~Courtney Ackerman


Courtney9501 - September 30

If you are still seeking for a couple that meet your criteria to adopt your baby please contact me: courtneyackerman at hotmail dot com. Thanks!! God Bless you sweetie!


kimdwebster@yahoo.ca - November 11

Is this individual still looking for a suitable family for her babies? We are interested in adding to our family! Twins would be such a gift.


klw3287 - January 30

Hi- We are trying to get the word out about our family & our desire to adopt a baby. We have an adopted little boy who is 18 months old & we are hoping to adopt another baby so that he can have a sibling. We found our son through some neighbor's coworkers who knew a woman who was pregnant & was choosing adoption & know that it just takes one person pa__sing on our information to lead to a life- changing miracle for us! We can not have biological children & we really want our son to have a playmate & sibling! Please Please pa__s on our information to anyone you may know who may be experiencing an unwanted or crisis pregnancy. We are hoping to have a private open adoption through a reputable attorney & would love to have an ongoing open relationship with a birth mom/birth family. In a private adoption, the birth mom gets to make the decisions & can get to know the adoptive couple & be as involved as she chooses instead of an agency making the decisions. Thank you so much for your time! Sincerely, Kenya & David Please email us at k l w 3 2 8 7 at aol dot com We also have a blog just google: sotoadoptionjourney


momwthlotolove - February 3

I am a single mom of two teenage girls and have hads lots of experience with children from infants to 18 years of age. I LOVE children. I stay at home and care for my children and am willing to have an open adoption. My theory is that children can't have enough family to love them. I would love to hear from you. cantact me at.. m baxter 16 at tampabay dot rr dot com. Thank you!



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