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abhie - April 10 4:37am

hi there,
Good abhie,17 years old from 5 months pregnant and im looking for the right person to adopt my baby..
i thought first for an abortion but my concsience cant take it.
i cant afford to have another baby.i have already one child,a girl..
we r poor so i cant manage the will-be expenses..pls help me..
u can contact me at my number..+639465093895 as soon as possible..

teresavera - April 11 1:05am

Hi my name is Teresa I am a Christian.always wanted more kids..I got 4 at home..ur baby will be love happy n very blessed I got a sister n Philippines ..she can tell u what kind of person I am she a friend I know for some year.of I still need a home for the baby call me ay 585-905-6124 or email me at yahoo teresavera2009 my friend Sister can tell I about me...well i wait for ur. Call...may God bless u..she will have PR him the best n life a kid could have living n very loved ..u be blessed hope to here from u..soon of u still need a home for the baby

teresavera - April 11 1:20am

Is me again Teresa my emial is...
teresavera2009 at yahoo
.I got a Philippines friend - sis..u can email hwt she can tell I what kind of person I am.....her name is....oceanblue_virgo17 at yahoo msg her she from ur country
..that baby can be a blessing n have all right as a USA..

teresavera - April 11 1:22am

U got face book ..u can see Me in my family or call me..blessing day

kristiryan - April 11 8:05pm

Hi- I want you to know what a brave thing it is that you are doing and how amazing that you are finding a loving family for your baby. My husband and I are looking to adopt and have always wanted more children, but are unable to have any more kids of our own. His family is from the Phillipines so your baby would have aunts, uncles and counsins from him/her own culture! We would love to match up with you. Please email me if you are interested in talking more- we have an extremely loving family and group of friends to love your baby. We really want to be parents again. Thanks so much
Email: krisitryanadoption at

Baileys - April 25 1:41am

My husband and I are wanting to adopt your baby. Please contact me at 8647842493 samantha

abhie - April 25 7:40am

pls contact me at my #..+639465093895 or facebook..abhie arboleda.hope to hear from u soon.
thanks and God bless.

MGM123 - May 12 9:50pm

My husband is from the Philippines and we are looking to adopt a little boy. I have done tons of research, and if I am not mistaken, the laws in the Philippines require you to go through an adoption agency to adopt from that country. You cannot just set up your own adoption.


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