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Bamellis - June 28

I started taking this exact same cla__s back in the summer/fall while I was pregnant. I have I think maybe 3 more lessons to go before I finish. I have not been able to find the time to just finish it and it's driving me crazy. My husband has been nagging me about it too. My daughter is almost 9 months old now and just so demanding that it's hard. I have 100% in the cla__s and I totally get it but those last few chapters are so time consuming. With a baby who eats paper it makes studying tricky. lol Has anyone finished and found a job. I'd like to believe if I ever get this done I will find a job pretty easily.


CCSCoder - September 20

I took the Medical Coding course from At-Home professions and found it to be excellent! After I completed their course I sat for the Certified Coding Specialist exam sponsered by AHIMA (you don't have to take AHIMA courses to sit for the AHIMA exams) and pa__sed. I now work from home coding for a large local hospital making $20+ an hour. What is not to like about that! Love At-Home Professions best investment I have ever made. I say go for it!


julianna12345 - June 16

Hi! I am gald to read this. I actually was looking at the program to sign up for MT. However, I saw their bookkeeping and child care courses and decided that I wanted to do that., because i have wanted to open my own childcare business. I am almost through with the complete course. I have loved it, but was a tad worried about the company after comparing it with others who are even more accredited. Anyway, as far as the program, I love I am glad others are happy with it and have found jobs thru it.


julianna12345 - June 16

I was concerned because while looking thru the BBB (which I decided was a little late into it), I noticed that the company was affiliated with the "Home Rewards" program (if I am not mistaken). I have heard some bad things about that your credit cards/accounts being constantly charged (monthly) without permission. I was looking to see if anyone has had trouble with this with the US career inst_tute. Anyway, the BBB record for the USCI looks good for the short time they have been with them.


julianna12345 - June 16

Well, I don't know...I have been looking at more boards and see a lot of the same replies. I guess if I were going into MT, I would probably choose somewhere else. I know Penn Foster is more accredited than USCI. I am glad I only went into the childcare program. I just did it for the info to make sure that I wouldn't overlook something...but now wish I had even taken that somewhere else as I see that other online courses even include a section for "special needs" children and USCI doesn't. My son will be taking the Photography course thru Penn Foster now. I will maybe come back to post about that school.


TeriK - May 11

I actually am taking courses with Penn Foster and love it! However, it was the only College I checked out :o) I think as long as it is offering you what you are looking for and it suits your needs, Go For It! There are alot of great programs and Inst_tutions out there. I then was able to go to and find some pretty good jobs that I can do from home; working for some wonderful companies. You can find alot of Medical Billing jobs on SoHoJobs and you apply directly to the company. it is awesome. all of the jobs posted on this site are companies who hire people to work home. Good luck in all you do ~ Teri K


TiaC - May 14

I am attending a At Home Professions Seminar for Medical Transcriptionist this evening and thought I would do some research on the course and company before I go. I see that most of you seem to be pleased with your experiences! That gives me some reasurrance! I also see that some of you have taken the Med. Coding course, My question is of the two which would you recommend? And my second question is are the chances of websites such as hiring someone with an at-home certification pretty high?


amfone - December 8

Good information thanks


amfone - December 8

Susan Essmann Good information thanks


amfone - December 8

Susan Essmann good comment and its you're I meant to use not your! Oh well.



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