Job Interview In Two Weeks Disclose Or Not To Disclose

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Hana - January 28

Hi, I'm new to this forum, and I'm so glad i stumbled upon it as it has answered so many of my questions... I have a huge dilemma... I'm 4-5 weeks pregnant and i have a job interview in 2 weeks. I have a pretty good chance of getting it.. its very well paid and in the NHS..part of me feels i have to disclose that i'm pregnant as i'd be working with patients on a long term basis..and i thought of only disclosing if offered the job and i would tell them that I wouldn't accept the offer if it's going to be difficult for them. This jobs relys a great deal on relationships with other team members and last thing I want to do is get off to a bad start (if i dont disclose until later). If I take it on, I suspect my job isn't protected when I come back from unpaid maternity leave? Thank


kris A. - January 28

Hi Hana, welcome! I think you have a good intuition about this... and you sound very reasonable. If you are offered the job I would disclose, and by you not accepting if they are uncomfortable with it they are likely to see you are an honest, straightforward person, and even if this job is lost for it, they may have another opening after the baby - I dont know about maternity policy though, I wish you the best.


it's really - January 29

up to you to disclose or not. You do not have any legal obligation to do so and most people would say that you shouldn't to aviod any discrimination. Also something to think about is that most people don't even tell that they are pregnant until about 12 weeks or more after which you are least likely to have a miscarriage.


Been There - February 6

Do not, do not, do not disclose during the interview. Disclose after you start working there. I am an HR Manager and I know how managers will think sometimes. I, as a professional, couldn't care less if the right candidate is or is not pregnant and won't allow my managers to get away with such discrimination. However, I, as an HR person, can tell you that it is so much better for you not tell so that the hiring manager cannot find another (possibly legitimate) reason to go with another candidate. They absolutely do not need to know and it's not their right to know until later in your pregnancy when they need to know you'll need leave. They'll get over it later.


Heather F - February 6

you wont be ent_tled to FMLA unless you are with the company for a year so you are right in a__suming that your job won't be protected for your leave.


Em - February 17

I interviewed for my current job the week after I conceived (not that I knew I was pregnant at that point but we were trying). I felt no obligation to tell my boss I might be pregnant. He has two young kids so I felt it wouldn't be a problem. I was hired and a couple months later it came time to tell him. I was so nervous but the next day my boss brought me a huge boquet of flowers! If you weren't pregnant when you interviewed for this job my guess is that you would have still been trying after you were hired and that shouldn't effect if you get the job or not. I definitely would not tell them, even if offered the job. And if they want to can you after maternitiy leave then it doesn't sound like the kind of place I would want to work.


Erin1979 - March 3

I had a very similar situation last year. I was 10 weeks pregnant, and was offered a new job. I told the employer that I was expecting, and he pulled the offer off the table faster than I could say pregnant! If you are just prego, I would not disclose that info. It's discrimination, but it happens. I found a great boss who hired me 5 months pregnant. go figure eh? Good luck. You'll make the right decision for you. Trust your instincts.


chos - March 7

Hana , you are on the right track. I am sure they will be sympathetic if you tell them that you wouldn't accept the job if they were uncomfortable with it.



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