Name For My Day Care

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angiearts - March 28

I am currently going through the programs to get state licensed for my day care. I am trying to think of a catchy name. My name is Angie. Can anyone think of something cute that might go with my name? Or something cute that doesn't go with my name?


erinsoul - April 3

"My Friends and Me"


starblue332 - April 4

Angie's Angels


Erin1979 - April 12

"Angie's Learning Playhouse"


Darknessangel87 - July 18

Where can I find out state license procedures for New York? I was thinking of opening a day care center as well. I like the name Angie's Angels as well.


dy - July 19

starblue beat me to it, i think Angie's Angels is cute


MelissaP - July 27

(Angie's)Tiny Tots Daycare, Angie's Kidz,'t think of anything else


kristie h - July 28

Angie's abc play pals, Angie fun care, angie's happy hours.


Maggie H - November 11

Angela's House of Babies...(where only the trendiest of babies come to unwind)


Renee-Marie - November 11

How about "Aunt Angies ~ where everyone is like family" or ~ I spoil 'em and send 'em home just like a good Auntie should!


ash2 - November 24

" Angies acres "...." Angies playhouse " ....A + Daycare....." Angie's house of hell youngins", lol (jk)



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