16 And Want A Baby

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to jessy - September 4

i thought i was done with all of that to, and i had a baby. when he pa__sed away i got depressed and spent my 20's partying, getting everything out of my system. i had thought i didn't need that vent time, but i did, and now at 30 i have a beautiful son, and am totally ready. your brain can make you think you are done with everything, and ready for a baby, but trust me you aren't! start saving lots of money for your child, cause they cost alot of money, and watch and see what your friend goes thru. you'll be happy you waited when you see it!


keri - September 4

alot of us who didn't feel loved as children wanted a baby at 14-17 years old. of course, we think then there will be someone to love us! just remember when you have a baby, there is no you anymore! you give up you, for that child! i had an awful childhood, and wanted a baby, i even tried, but God bless, it didn't happen, and then as i got older at about 18, 19, i wised up big time. i lived my childhood more so in my 20's, to try and make up for what i lost, cause you do lose something, and one day you will miss it badly, and wanna make up for it, baby or not! just wait it out girls, is what iam trying to say. iam 30 with a new baby, and waiting was the best thing in the world, because it gave me time to find my definate mr. right, and get the education i needed to support a child. you gotto think about your child ahead of yourslef, and thinking about yourself is all you are doing right now, so please take a step back and think it over. a baby will not solve all of your problems. you have to deal with those, before you can be a great mommy! i love you though. i don't judge and if you were my daughter and got pregnant, i'd support you, it's just not the time. trust me, years go fast. faster with each pa__sing one. tell your partner you wanna wait a little while, and if he loves you, he'll understand.


keri - September 4




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