Can I Get Pregnant At Least 9 Days After My LMP

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Brighterstuff - May 16

Can anyone help me with this? I am 35, married, and never been pregnant. I am on a 28 day cycle and my LMP was May 4th. My DH and I had s_x twice on Saturday, May 13th, once on the 14th and once on the 15th. According to an ovulation calculator, it says that my most fertile period is May 16-21st. What day does ovulation actually start? Does the calculator show the first day of ovulation, or just your most fertile days? I've read that sperm can live inside your body for 5 days. What are the chances of me getting pregnant within those days?


mrsmartin - May 22

Oh geez..almost the exact thing happened to me. My LMP was March 28th..OBVIOUSLY I am pregnant, LOL. My husband and I had s_x twice on April 9th and once on April 11th and since I am always 28 days I took a test on April 29th and...SURPRISE I was pregnant..only 2 days late but I knew when I didn't start around the 25-27th that chances were...So YES it is possible for sperm to live for 5-7 days under the right conditions ( who knows what these conditions are:) Ovulation actually starts between 8-15 after the first day of your last period, so if your LMP was May 4th then your "danger zone" as I call it would have been May 12-19th. Somewhere around there..If you don't get a period by June 2nd..chances are you are pregnant! You can take a test up to 5 days before your period is to start. Good luck girl! And remember as crazy as it is to think about having a baby when you werent necessarily expecting it you will most likely instantly fall in love with the fact that you are going to be a mommy. I am 23 and married on March 11th 2006..My date of conception..April 11th, one month anniversary:) So...although a little unplanned it is such a blessed time in our lives! Keep me posted!:):)



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