Possibility O F Preg HELP

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Megan - July 6

Hi, I am 24yrs old will turn 25 in two months and been married 3yrs now.Me and my hubby decided to wait till we r financially and proff ready( am preparing for PHD) .But last week we had one episode of unprotected s_x and ever since then I"ve been praying and wishing that I am pregnant..I don't know as yet coz my period is due next week.My hubby thinks otherwise ever since that one episode he was more adamant abotu using a condom second time saying we'r not reayd we don't have the money etc etc... Am anxious... a bit depressed.Would be greatfull for some advice. Regards


Megan - July 6

I had to add that am feeling a bit nausea and burping .....and b___st soreness..also the day we had unprotected s_x was two days after ovulation approx. am .....anticipating a whole lot ..i keep looking in the mirror haven't slept last nite.....Help


megan - July 6

anyone? plz?


Megan - July 7

Hello everyone, anyone? Am still looking for some help or persosn in similar situation. Is it possible to get pregnant with one act of unprocteted s_x?I also have some sympotoms of abdominal cramps, bloating and sore b___sts..Help


mesilla - July 8

hi morgan, yes it is possible to get pregnant but your chances are about 15-25%.But hey anything is possible. some of the symptoms you are are signs of m/c and some are signs of pg. if you are anxious to know take a pg test, with some you can test as early as four days before, but they are not always accurate. i think that you should discuss your feeling with you hubby. i too was praying that i was pg (except we had more than one episode of unprotected s_x) but i got my period a week and a half late. i talked to my hubby and we decided that we are not gonna try per say but we are not gonna try and prevent it either. please don't feel depressed. i hope this will help you. good luck



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