Blood In Baby S Spit Up

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michelleb - October 17

Has anyone else had their baby spit up blood tinged milk? Most of it looks older in color. Some bright red. I have pretty sore nipples, but they aren't bleeding...


kellens mom - October 17

I have pumped blood tinged milk. I never could see them bleeding, but it was evident when I pumped the milk that it had an off color. Milk I pumped from my sore nipple was more reddish while milk from the healed nipple was white to whitish blue.


michelleb - October 17

Ok. I a__sume it's okay. Just wondered if it upset the baby cause that's the first time she's spit up such a large amount. She's 4 wks old.


kellens mom - October 17

So you must feel fairly confident that the blood is not from her? Is she upset? For me, the suction caused the blood to come out. It was like the sore was not at the surface of the nipple, rather it was deep in the crack. Each time I pumped or the baby nursed, the sore would open and I would bleed a little. If you think it could be from the baby, make sure you take her to see the doc. If she is bleeding, more than likely she would be terribly fussy. She may even refuse to nurse.


Erynn21 - October 18

My dd spit up blood once, it was from me. It looked like alot of blood, my nipples weren't bleedind, but she was sucking blood when she nursed, it freaked me out when I saw it. More than likely it is yours and she's fine, but it she's really upset I would take her to the doc. My dd had alot of blood in her spit when it happened, it looked like a ma__sive amount, but it was just once.



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