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MommaKarrie2006 - June 24

I just found out today that I am pregnant, and I already know that I am going to br___tfeed. I am just curious as to if it is really bothersome or comfortable? I have heard good and bad about br___tfeeding, and I am just wondering. I plan to br___tfeed no matter what, but some of these questions still linger in my mind. Anyone whom could help out here would be great, thanks!


Jamie - June 24

For me, the first 8 weeks sucked. I had flat/slightly inverted nipples, and my daughter had problems latching. But, I got in to see a lactation consultant real early, and she gave me a nipple shield. Now my daughter is nearly 11 months old, and while she's reduced nursing to once a day, she's never yet tasted formula. My advice for now would be to attend a few La Leche League meetings. Other than the nipple shield, the thing that I considered a godsend (and still do) is my Maya wrap sling. During the first 6-8 weeks, newborns nurse CONSTANTLY. It's natural and normal - it's comforting for them, and it establishes your milk supply. Unfortuately, life doesn't usually let us sit down and nurse for 6-8 weeks, and we'd probably go mad if we tried. The sling is a perfect solution for hands-free and mobile nursing. It's also great for nursing in public. Also, start looking at b___st pumps. There's about 30,000 different types of pumps (slight exaggeration) - different types fit different lives. I am a SAHM so I rarely need to pump - so, I have a handheld Avent Isis pump, and it works fine for me. Moms who work full time would be better off using a hospital-grade electric double pump. My Avent Isis was $50, and came with various bottles, nipples, etc. The electric pumps tend to be more expensive, but you can buy them second-hand from eBay, or rent them from your local hospital. Again, the ladies at La Leche League should be able to help you out. Also, if, like most women, you live on a budget, I would recommend starting to set aside money for nursing bras. You will want good, supportive nurisng bras. They're what help prevent saggy b___bies after you've weaned your baby. I've bought both the cheapy kind, and the more expensive ones - the expensive ones are worth every penny. But, that's something you're going to want to wait for, until after your milk comes in (3-5 days after baby is born), because there's really no way to predict what size you'll be, and you will want your nursing bras to fit perfectly. Do prepare yourself emotionally...b___stfeeding is a wonderful experience, but like everything else, you have to work at it. It's very easy to give up in the beginning, to succ_mb to exhaustion, concern that your darling isn't getting enough, pressure to let someone else feed the baby, etc. The main thing that got me through it all was determination.


MommaKarrie2006 - June 24

Thank you sp much for your advice. I am planning to go down to the local target here in town and check out their infant section, and see what kind of products they have for b___stfeeding, and the prices. I looked around at Wal*Mart yesterday, though they did not have any b___stfeeding products. I know that they do at the super center that is only about 20 minutes away from my home. I definetly need to go and check some of the stuff out as well as nursing bras. I have heard of the La Leche League before, but unsure if there is one in my county. I also plan to go to the local hospital birthing center here soon to see what there center is like and ask some questions, maybe they might know if there is a La Leche League near here. Thanks again for your advice, it really helped. :)


^lucy^ - June 24

congratulations on ur pregnancy!! that's so sweet and hope u'll have an easy one and a healthy baby :) my baby girl is 37 days old and she's my first,, i was like u and made up my mind from day 1 that i'll b___st feed no matter what.. i'll tell u something, i love to feed her now!! its an amazing bond between u and ur baby that makes u special cz ur the only one who can b___stfeed him/her.. its amazing how ur baby will recognize u from day 1 of their birth cz of ur smell and heart beats.. u will have this private time for urself only.. hope u'll succeed in this and patience is so important in the first week or 10 days until u both get used to it.. dont forget, our babies are used to feed from their umbilical cord for 9 months and they can get confused at first, also u might find it painful but the hospital will give u a cream to apply on ur b___sts to prevent cracks and pain.. be patient and enjoy ur time, it'll be so easy for u in no time :)


C - June 24

I also had trouble at first and had flat nipples. After the first few weeks it was fine. If you get cracked/sore nipples it's really hard but you'll get through it as we all do. I only planned to b___stfeed for the first six weeks but once I had him I changed my mind and I nursed until about 13 months. I did supplement but if I didn't work full time I would probably would have nursed almost exclusivly. Good luck and remember to always do what feels best for you and not to listen to others becasue EVERYONE has their opinions.


MommaKarrie2006 - June 25

Thanks again gals! All this advice is really helping me. My fiancee' is excited about the baby, and he can't wait either until the baby is born. The day the baby is born I will put a reply on here to let you gals know. Thanks again. I greatly appreciate it. :)


JenR - July 4

The first week sucked!!! It hurt like HELL and I can see why women give up. I personally wasn't sure I was going to b___stfeed because it kind of freaked me out just thinking about it. After I had my baby, mother nature took over and I really wanted to try. After the week from hell with sore, cracked nipples, it was a breeze. I really like it and it doesn't hurt at all. I'm planning to breatfeed for at least 4 months and see how it goes from there. Good Luck and don't give up when it hurts really bad!!!



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