Wondering If I Am Pregnant Or Are Breasts Just Changing

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Jen - April 16

I still nurse my 19 month old. My br___ts have felt heavy and a little sore for about a week now. I just got a negative hpt result but I probably did it too early. I am not due for a period until the 22nd. Has anyone had this experience? I don't know if the change is from the br___t feeding or not. Any advice would be great. Thanks


xsdfgsdf - April 18

wow isnt 19 months a little too old? You should stop before the child pulls up your shirt and goes for your b___st


michelle - April 19

I answered your other post. Test again when you're late and let me know. I'm due for af on the 24th. Best of luck!


Mom2two - April 19

I didn't experience any b___st/nipple changes or soreness with my second pregnancy until the second trimester. My oldest nursed several times a day until I was 8 months - he then weaned on his own. Possibly because of the change in quality or quant_ty of milk. Please don't stop BF untill you are ready. Good luck!!


Shocked - April 20

xsdfgsdf - Babies are supposed to b___stfeed until THEY want to stop, they are not supposed to be forced off to save a few small minded peoples modesty, I bet you wouldnt think twice about seeing a grown man sucking on a womans b___sts. Get a life. It's only in the Western world that b___sts are s_xualised. Even in Eastern countries where women have to cover thier whole body they are allowed to nurse thier children (yes children not just babies) in public without covering every inch of b___st with something because b___sts are for feeding babies and children, not just something nice for men to look at. I would rather my child have lovely HUMAN b___st milk while they need all thier vitamins and calcium than COWS b___st milk (funny how people forget what it REALLY is and for some reason think it is better????) It is meant for baby cows and I'm pretty sure most women on this forum would agree with me. It's people like you who make women feel ashamed to practice extended b___stfeeding when it is you who should feel ashamed.


Jen - April 22

Thank you for the input and the support. I had planned on stopping when he was a year but he wasn't ready. My pediatrician says that nursing until he is 2 is fine.


to Jen - April 22

I think it is great that you continue to b___st feed, your must be great mother, any news on af? Keep us updated and good luck


curious - April 22

What is af?


Jen - April 22

I haven't gotten it yet. I was going to buy a test tonight and chickened out for some reason. I have a lot of mixed emotions about the possibility of being pregnant. I adore my son and would love another but my pregnancy was awful. Then again the end result was the best thing that ever happened to me. I will let ya know the outcome


Jen - April 23

I got it this morning. I don't know if I am relieved or sad. It was very dark blood but a little too much to be implant bleeding I think.


michelle - April 23

Do you mind telling me how your last pregnancy was awful. Perhaps the circ_mstances that made it bad won't reoccur. BTW, I took a hpt on a whim today and got a BFP one day before af. The timing is inconvenient. I haven't had any b___st/nipple changes. Currently nursing dd age 13mos.


Jen - April 23

I was very sick through my entire pregnancy. I vomited everything I ate and drank. I had to take medication before I ate to keep it down. I was living with my inlaws during my last pregnancy, which wouldn't happen this time, and I needed a last minute c section. To add to it our digital camera died as we entered the delivery room. My husband sobbed, and he never cries, every day for a week about having a c section and the fact that we had no pictures. The vomiting and another c-section are what I am afraid of repeating. BUT we have a sweet, lovable, awesome, funny, beautiful little boy. Congratulations on your BFP. I hope everything goes well for you.



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