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S m j - February 23 4:30pm

Anyone still have tight(hard)or painful bowel movements occasionally months after your c-section? I had a painful bowel movement last night and there was a little bit of blood when i wiped..I'm 6mos postpartum..My bowel movements were never like this prior to delivery....

jap - March 31 9:29pm

I experience the same thing. I had my c-section almost 7 months ago. I have painful BM's and some blood. Things have not been the same since my surgery either. Did you go to the dr? My dr. recommended I take fiber, this was months ago and I am still having problems. Does anyone know what this could be from??

Nerdy Girl - March 31 10:53pm

I had this problem the first week after surgery, but then everything went back to normal. I would certainly consult with your doctor about it.

DANI - April 1 10:08am

Ok, kinda off the subject of bowel movements, but I was noticiing what "jap" said about how "things haven't been the same since her surgery" I feel the same exact way. My question is kinda personal, though.......Have you ladies experienced UTI's since your c-section or very painful s_x? It's been 3 months post-partum for me and s_x has not been the same and I get frequent UTI's. I've heard with a c-section that it's way more traumatic than a v____al birth.

Nerdy Girl - April 1 10:50am

With my first c, s_x was painful FOREVER it seemed. But I b___stfed for a full year with baby #1, and that impacts your estrogen. With my second c, s_x was painful the first couple of months. Now my son is 4 months old, I am no longer b___stfeeding, I am back on the pill, and s_x feels OK again.

DANI - April 1 2:10pm

Nerdy Girl, thanks for your quick reply back and your response definetley puts my mind at ease. It's kinda of a bummer right now that dh & I can't get intimate at the moment but I'm sure in time everything will start to go back to normal.

krnj - April 1 6:43pm

It's been almost 5 weeks postpartum & my bowel movements are still painful sometimes too. How long did everyone wait to have s_x after c-sections?

jap - April 1 8:17pm

I waited atleast 8 weeks and it was so painful the first few times. It just took a while and we had to take it slow. It was like the first time all over again. If it continues to hurt after 2 months I would check with your dr. They gave me an ultrasound to make sure things were alright.


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