Csection Bladder Injury

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Kim - January 30

Can anyone tell me there story involving bladder injury ( bladder nik ) during csection. I just had my 5th csection and came out of surgery with blood coming from my bladder. They made it sound like this is a normal problem with repeated csection.


dizzywitch - February 19

Not sure if this helps at all. I had my section 17 days ago and the surgeon cut the blood vessel which had small vessels going into the bladder, consequently blood leaked into the bladder and so there was blood in the urine. I had a catheter for 48 hours after this.


deedee - July 20

I had my c-section 3 months ago & the dr cut my bladder in half. I had a catheter in for over 2 weeks & still having problems. Everyone is advising me to get an attorney. I am not sure what to do. Please give me some input. Thanks


angie - August 5

I just had my first c-section on July 20. My doctor claimed that my daughters head( which was a little larger than normal) had bruised my bladder. I had to have the catheter in for 5 days. Seemed kind of strange to me that a babies head could injure an organ and cause you to have to get st_tches?!?



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