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Just wondering... - February 23 11:35am

I am seven weeks post c-section and I am not br___tfeeding. I stopped bleeding around my 5th week. About three days ago, I started spotting blood again and having some mild cramping. Could this be my period coming on? I'm confused because I have heard women complain that their first period after c-section was extrememly painful and heavy. Could I just be one of the lucky ones? When do nonbr___tfeeding women usually get their periods?

liz - March 9 9:24pm

2nd c-section 7 months ago haven't had a period in 4 months had tubes tied went to doc he gave me a preg test and checked thyriod and had papsmear everything came back neg i would like to know why i'm not having my period never missed period before except when prego anyone elsa have this happen i am going to different doc in a few weeks no pain or anything just no period

Julie - March 11 9:57am

I was wondering the same thing I have 4 little girls but only had my first c-section this time. It has been 6 weeks and 1 day and no period yet. I also had my tubes tied as well.

Eliza - March 22 12:37am

I realize you said you weren't b___stfeeding, but I had the same question b___stfeeding, b/c it took so long. I went TWO years, almost to the day. Other b___stfeeders--did you go so long w/o a period?

SRC - April 2 1:37pm

I had a C-section 3 months ago and yesterday I noticed some spotting. Today I'm bleeding more openly. Is this too soon for a period to return? I'm pumping, but not nursing. I do have a pain in my lower abdomen and in my lower back. I have to say that I have upped the activity in the last few weeks so I'm a little concerned about the incision. Would appreciate any input from other people who have had similar experiences.

sheila - April 11 11:06am

I'm not b___st feeding anymore, I quit after 2 months, the baby is 4 1/2 months old now and I just recently skipped my period, I had one last month, so My first real period was 3 months after birth by c-section, but this month I had nothing and I am on the pill. Took a preg. test and it came out negative, I go back on Friday to check it out. I had cramping as if I was on my period but no spotting or anything. I was worried because I had a round of antibiotics last month. But the preg. test was negative. Not sure why I never bled. It puzzles me.

leah - April 23 4:27pm

question: how did i get two periods in one month?

Monica - May 13 11:46pm

I got my period after 5 weeks after giving birth through C-Section. Is that possible? Has anyone had the same situation?

Christie - June 15 4:21pm

i had my baby girl 7 weeks ago and still not period. I also do not b___st feed. I was told that some women take a long time to regain it and if doesnt come your doctor may prescribe hormones to jump start it.

Brandi - June 20 12:57am

I had a c-section with my twins and was b___stfeeding them until the were five months old and i didnt get my period until eight monts but it was only like for two days and really light it continued like that for about a year and half.

Michelle - June 21 3:20pm

I was not able to b___st feed. I got my period after about 5 weeks and it was extremely heavy!!!! No pain involved, but sounds like its your period starting.

terri-lynn - June 28 11:45pm

First of all i would like to mention that apparently you dont get your period while you are b___stfeeding. Second of all i had a c-sec and my tubes done 10 weeks ago and have not yet started my period. I see my dr. in 2 days.

Nicely87 - May 12 7:57pm

That is not true my daughter was born 1/14/11 via c-section and I'm b___stfeeding and I got my period 3/21/11!

Riley2011 - May 29 2:49am

I had my little boy on 6/3/2011 and still have had no period im unsure of how long it should take to resume a normal period i have been told it should take around 8 weeks, i was unable to b___st feed my milk came in but i never had enough volume for baby due to delivering quite early.

mysterialgal - July 14 5:51pm

Had baby 4 months 10 days ago and no period is this normal??? What should I do???


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