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KrisD - June 8 9:13pm

HI - I had twins 8 months ago via c-section and my stomach is still huge. I mean really big. Most days I still wear maternity. My body is pretty much back to normal every where else, and I am a slim person - 5'4" and normally 115. But, as I am reading all these threads, I see everyone complaining about their flabby stomachs. Mine is still hard - hard and round. I look pregnant. I have been walking every day (roughly 3 miles) and just recently started running. Nothing is touching it.... my waist is still the same size it was about a month post-partum - about 35 inches. I went to my OB and to make sure everything was okay - and she reiterated that I had twins and that it would take time.

Did ANYONE have a round, firm stomach after a C-section? I am at a loss here.... I don't think, given the fact I am very active (taking care of twins and a 2 year old!), that I should still be in maternity clothes... Or should I just relax and give it more time?

zorylaineperez - June 14 7:09pm

I am also having trouble with my belly after my se ction on may 15 08, but is not as big as it was when I first gave birth, so i guess it has gone down. have you tried panties that hold in your stomach, and excercise with? Maybe that can help because I usually after my cesarean I wear those panties that way my stomach can go back to it's place. For me it has worked pretty much everytime, I don't know for others. Good Luck

Perl - July 16 4:30am

Yes, that was me. My belly was hard and rounded for months after my c-section. Unless I sucked in my belly , I still looked pregnant for a long time after my c-section and even then I was still round even though the rest of my body is usually trim. Were your stomach muscles pulled apart or cut? I wonder if that makes a difference--mine were cut and re-attached. Don't worry though, the roundness WILL go away in time. I wore girdles for a couple of months to get a flatter look and by 9-10 months I was looking more trim without a girdle. And that was without having had twins. Be patient, soon enough you can finally put away the maternity clothes.

Saird - July 24 6:33pm

It definitely is irritating. I would say your ab muscles have probably separated which is what happened to me (no twins but big babies) and it took forever to get my tummy to go down. I hated it. I told Dh he should buy me a tummy tuck!

sbicca99 - August 16 12:57am

My little boy just turned 9 months, and I too still look pregnant. I'm not as active as I should, but do a lot of walking where I work. I've lost about 6lbs since he was born. He was only 4lbs 5oz. I got infected and was reopened a week later and was found to have a blood clot. It was less than fun. I had problems, my baby was in the NICU for 2 weeks with low blood sugar. There was 3 whole days I wasn't aloud to see him. First, I was in ICU the day I had him...saw him all of 5 min or less. Second, I had a fever, later found to be caused by the infection. Lastly, I ended up in the ER with the infection while he was in the NICU and I ended up in the hospital overnite. I feel ok now, but my belly does not want to go away. I lost 10lbs after I had him, then gained it plus a little more. I can't believe what I weigh. I don't eat a lot and feel like I walk my legs off at work. I'm just so tired between working and caring for my little one, that I don't even want to think about exercise. There's just not enough time in a day. Does anyone know if there's any complications that cause your stomach to stay one size? I had a customer a month or so ago ask when I was due.

angelaincanada - January 8 11:32pm

My belly is still very round four months out and spanx type of underwear hurt.

ljsa__sy - August 11 4:30pm

It has been almost 5 months after my c section and I waited the 8 weeks before working out again. For the past 10 weeks I have been doing cardio for 30-40 min 4 to 5 days a week and I still have the tummy. UGGHHH. My friend had her baby v____ally 2 weeks after me and her tummy is gone! Does it really take 9 months to get rid of this???

carleigh - December 6 4:25pm

I know you posted this several years ago, but I just came across it. I too have the same exact issues. I had full term twins via cesarian and have a large round hard belly. What happened to you?


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