Lower Ads After C Section

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Brenda - September 12

I had 2 c-section and my lower ads-well yuck!I've joined Weight Watcher and have lost 18 pounds everything else is shirnking but that!I walk about 5 miles aday inside the plant I work at then again at home-nothing.Due to a lower back problem sit-ups really hurt.Is there any help for me?


Shelly - May 31

Have you tried Pilates? The core strengthening program has "easy" exercises that strengthen the abs and help with lower back problems. These exercises have worked to flatten my abs. The secret, I've been told, is to pull the abs up at the same time as you pull them in while doing the exercises. It's also important to keep your abdomen in the "neutral" position. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, but it was worth it. After 6 month of doing the exercises 2X a day, my back is much better, and I look good too. Give it a try. Be shure to find a good instructor. I reccomend 1 on 1 to start. It takes some personal attention to get the positon right. Good luck!


Crystal - September 12

Do you have a gap in between the stomach muscles? I had my second c section over a year ago and i still look like i am 4-5 months pregnant. I am only 90 lbs but i have this bulge that just wont go away. Its not fat though, its like the stomach muscles are seperated and not holding stuff back. And in the gap, when I lay flat, there is like soft bubbles, people say I look like there is an alien in there.


Anne - November 18

Relax - remember that you just had a baby and it takes a very long time to get back to normal - in fact you will not be the same - you have been forever changed by pregnancy - I look at it as a gift to stop being overly concerned with my outward appearance. Women really need to grow up and accept their bodies at all stages of their lives. Stay healthy and everything takes care of itself in time.



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