Medication During And After C Section

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Brittany - March 9

i was just wondering what kind of medication do they give you during and after a c-section


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 9

You will be taking Vicodin or Lortabs for pain. Immediately after the c-section I have always gotten morphine. Feels good at first, but later you will feel like c___p. Ask for phenegran. Helps with the nausea feeling in your stomach. It will make you tired and then you will sleep it off. Once you are done will all the meds and at home, you can just take ibpofuen. Works fine.


Chelle - March 9

I had an epidural and anti-nausea medication during the c-section. (It didn't help, I still threw up on the operating table) They left the epidural in for a few hours after, then I got percocet. I told them to stop giving me percocet after the first day because, like olivia, I hated being so out of it. I was falling asleep while trying to nurse. I just took motrin.


dani - March 9

I was given a spinal block w/ morphine during the c-section and after the c they gave me percocet. The percocet is safe to take while b'feeding too....good luck!


Lynne - March 13

I was given Endocet after the section and 800 mg. of ibuprofen. The ibuprofen was actually better than the Endocet in my case.


shea4 - March 13

My baby is a week old today and I had a emergency c-sec. I had all kinds of drugs pumped into my IV...I hate drugs but I have to say I was very anxious about the whole thing and what ever he gave me I was calm and felt no pain...yet was "with" it through the whole thing. Now that I am home I am taking percocet at night and motrin during the day. The percocet makes me drowsy too and fall asleep while nursing. Good luck to you.



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