Small Mom Big Baby Aka Do I Need A C S

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Annette - November 25

I am not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question; I am looking forward to deliver my first child through va___al birth but pretty much everyone who sees me thinks that I will need a c-section. The one and only reason is because I am very short (5 ft. tall) and dh is more than 6 5" so they think baby will be too big (as I said, everything just based on asumptions). I had my last US at week 20th. and baby was measuring according to date, not too big, but again, problem might not be the baby but myself. I am 29 weeks now and my belly looks huge, but I atribute it to the fact that I am pet_te, not that I have an abnormal baby. Can anyone tell me how much is a too small mom or a too big baby? I am terrified about surgeries, I have bad scaring, react bad to anestesia, I am allergic to painkillers and very prone to infections so a c-section does not sound for me, even when I know they are not as bad and some women love them. When I ask my doctor, she laughs and says it is too soon to worry about that but does not give me any other information as for example "if baby is more than X pounds" or "if head measures more than X inches". Are there any other pet_te moms who have delivered "big" babies va___ally who would like to share their experiences with me? The size of your hips matter? (cause I can´t complain in that department!) In any case, if she suggests a CS, can I still deny/get a second opinion? (I know some doctors prefer them because they are easier) Thanks and best of luck to everyone!


-m - November 25

I've been told before that the size of you boby has no relation to the size of your pelvis. You could be a very pet_te woman and have a large pelvis or be a large woman with a small pelvis. People have different opinions on this but I personaly believe that it's rare that a women carries a baby thats to big to birth v____ally. I wouldn't worry to much about it. And if your doctor does recommend a C because baby is too big, yes you can get a second opinion. You shouldn't have to have a C just because the Doc thinks it's easier. As long as there's no problems, you should have the birth that you think is best for you. Good luck Annette, I hope everything works out for you!


Kanesha - November 26

I am 4 feet 10 inches tall and when I had my son I weighed 112 pounds. He weighed 8 pounds 1 ounce. I had a very easy labor, pushed for less than 30 minutes and had a few st_tches. Everyone lost money on their bets in my family who thought anything over 6 pounds was going to be a c for me. I think v____als are the way to go if you can at all help it. My cousin had a c 2 days before me and she still looks tore up. I'm out shopping, showing off my son, doing whatever. Good luck, girl!


TC - November 26

It is what is inside of you a lot of times not what is on the outside. I am a big woman and people would say while I was pregnant that if my baby was big I would have noooo problem. Well, my son was 9lb 9oz and I had to have an emergency c-s bc he got stuck and I never made it pa__s 8cm. When they opened me up, the doctor told said that he would have never fit. I have a small pelvis and a big body. Hey, who knew!!!!


Carlita - November 28

Hi Annette. I am 5 feet tall and weigh about 98 pounds, with no hips or b___t to speak of!!!! My first baby I delivered without problems and he weighed almost 8 problems and it was a great experience. For baby number 2 I thought, this will be a piece of daughter and I fought each other during birth for 23 hours until she won...she had turned her face and chin up as if to cause trouble (LOL) and even though she was just under 7 pounds, I had to have a c-section! Just the slight difference in diameter because of her chin and face looking up caused all the trouble. I must say I preferred my first delivery over my c-section so I don't personally know why some women prefer their c-sections...but to each her own. Good luck!



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