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Rhonda - June 20th, 2006 10:28 PM

I had a baby by c-section because she was too big to fit through the birth canal,got pregnant 3mos later and had another c-section because my dr says babies were to close together for a vbac+he dont perform vbac.I just found out im pregnant 3mos after my last c-section.and i know i will have another c-section.And i am worried about a third c-section can anyone who has had 3 or more c-sections give me some info?Im so nervous please help.

snugglybugglys - June 20th, 2006 11:58 PM

First I want to say don't worry. :) I had the same EXACT thing happen to me. I got prego with twins 3 months after my 1st baby (c-section). Then after my boys I got prego after 3 months again, and had another c-section. My c-section went complications. My healing time wasn't bad either. I mean of course it hurt, but I thought it might get worse after more. And now I'm prego with my 5th and last 4th section. HOw far along are you? I'm 13 weeks today. :) Good luck. I hope I could have calmed your nerves a little bit. :) ~Aimee~

lovemy3 - June 21st, 2006 12:51 AM

HI there, I have had 3 sections as well and have had no problems. Mine were spaced out, 5 yrs between first and second, then 2 years between number 2 and 3. it has now been another 3 years and we are ttc #4. Each one has been the same for hrealing, fine and no problems. Good luck!!

Rhonda - June 21st, 2006 2:09 PM

Thank you both so very much,you have really helped me out alot.I dont know how far long i am yet,i just got a bfp at 11dpo.My scar is still sore from my last c-section 3mos ago.Is yours still sore?

snugglybugglys - June 21st, 2006 2:13 PM

Mine isn't with this pregnancy, but this time it has actually been a little over a year. My dr was amazed lol...he was like not another 3 monther heheh. But it is getting a little tender in the "dead" feeling spot above it, and also a little on each side, now that my tummy is getting bigger. But with my last 2, the ones that were 3months after, my scar hurt pretty bad in the beginning, and by the end it was more just discomfort of pregnancy itself, and my scar felt fine.

Rhonda - June 21st, 2006 7:59 PM

I am worried my scar may not be healed good enough,since it was still hurting.Also i have two different scars,instead of cutting the old one they cut a new one,so now it really looks terrible with two scars.Did they cut your same scar?

RMC - June 21st, 2006 10:50 PM

I am pregnant with my fourth child and was just told that I probably have to have a c section since my previous two were csections. I am a little worried by this as well, but they just reopened my same scar the last time.

snugglybugglys - June 22nd, 2006 12:45 PM

Yeah I have 3 scar lines does look pretty bad. But they ended up healing fine, even with have 3 sections so close together. I was totally worried about that too...that my scar wasn't healed enough. You can actually barely see the scars hopefully yours will get better with a little bit of time too. I guess I'm rambling lol bad habit of mine. :) Anyway, I know how you feel. I'm actually nervous again for c-section number 4. Oh one more thing....after my last section, I got prego 5 months after, baby miscarried cause I had the Mirena IUD at the time, but my dr said that even with a 4th one close together that everything would be fine too.

Rhonda - June 22nd, 2006 3:34 PM

Im glad all your c-sections went well.My dr is pretty hateful,he has been wanting to tie my tubes after my first c-section.My scars are real visable.I hope they do a better job this time around.

lovemy3 - June 22nd, 2006 6:36 PM

I have had one vertical scar from an emergency section and then 2 horizontal cuts, using the same horizontal scar. So you can only see 2 scars. Why does your dr want you to tie your tubes so badly?

Rhonda - June 22nd, 2006 9:07 PM

I dont know,I guess he thinks i have enough already.I feel like he is pressuring me to much.

Saird - June 22nd, 2006 10:34 PM

When I had my 2nd c-section they just cut the same scar. You can barely see it. My doc is awesome at c-sections. He's not much for actually delivering, maybe that's why he pushes c's. I think doc's also probably do try to persuade you to get your tubes tied after two or three c's just because of your own health. It is major surgery. It's probably just part of their job.

dkamakcerkez - July 29th, 2006 9:39 PM

I have had four c-sections. My first was an emergency c-section with my first child/son in 1999. I was in labor for 36 hours; but his head was too large for my birth canal and he became lodged in the birth canal. He was healthy and full term though. I had to have three more c-sections with my 2nd/daughter, 3rd/son, and 4th/son. My 2nd was because my daughter's head was too large and the 3rd and 4th were because my doctor would do a VBAC after two c-sections. I had a miscarriage and D&C after my 3rd child and then became pregnant with my 4th child three months after the D&C. When I was 3 months pregnant with my 4th I had severe bleeding, colapsed and had to be taken to the emergency room and thought for sure that I had miscarried, but the paramedic said that the same thing happend to his wife and they had a healthy baby. The ultrasound showed that the baby was fine and in December 2005 I had a healthy baby boy. I really want to have a 5th child and hopefully another girl (our daughter really wants a sister), but my husband is really worried about me having a 5th c-section. All of my c-sections went well; no complications whatsoever. My first three c-sections were lower transverse incision and done in the same place, but my doctor had to do the fourth incision slightly above the old scar because the scar tissue was too tough to get in. I spoke with my doctor and he doesn't seem to be worried if I get pregnant again, the only thing he says is possible is if the placenta plants itself over the cervix, he will have to send me to a special team of surgeons to deliver because of excessive blood loss and there is a possiblity I may have to have a hysterectomy. Other than that he doesn't seem to be too worried, but my husband says he doesn't want to lose me nor our children. I am a little scared, but I really want another child. I am really having a hard time with this.
Please don't worry, you will be fine, and my scars healed so well you can barely see them. Has anyone else had more than four c-sections that could offer some comfort to my husband. Thanks.
Katrina (Mommy to 4)

Rhonda - July 30th, 2006 6:39 PM

I am glad all worked out for you.I bet you were really scared when you was bleeding.I am sorry about your m/c,i have had 3m/c myself.2 were due to a low progesterone and the other one was stress related.Im still worried about having another c-section.

sahmof3 - July 30th, 2006 6:59 PM

Hey Rhonda, when are you having your c-section? I hope it goes well for you!

olivia1z - August 10th, 2006 4:50 PM

well dear you are going to be fine i am currentley pregnant and this is going to be my 5th c-section.i wish i could deliever vaginally but i cant.i hate having a c-section but i have no choice. hope this helps sweetie . olivia

Rhonda - August 10th, 2006 10:01 PM

I wont have my c-section until feburary but they already said another c-section shamof3.Wow oliva 5 c-sections?Thats great you have held up for so many well this will be my 3rd one and im really scared about it.Thanks for all your replys it has helped a little.


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