Is Nutrilite Protein Powder Okay When Taken During Pregnancy

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Shana - August 9

I am 4 months pregnant, and I am taking Nutrilite Protein Powder of Amway. Is the soy content in it harmful to the baby?
Overall is this Nutrilite dangerous in any way?


* - August 9

I've heard that you shouldn't use any protein powders/products while pregnant because the effects on the baby have not been studied. I used to use a protein powder also but have now stopped.


ferrah - August 14

I would switch to a whey based protein powder that can be added to milk. You can find them at any natural food shop. To avoid soy, this is your best bet. I drink protein powder milkshakes and have no intent on stopping. The pure whey protein is NOT harmful to your baby. They usually sell it in 24g servings per scoop.


vivekgoel146 - April 25

Nutrilite protein powder is safe and use as food supplement and not consider it as medicine.


wingga - May 8

I heard from a friend, a nutritionist/doctor, that Nutrilite Protein Powder is safe - even a benefit - for pregnant mother and the baby. He said that Nutrilite Division of Amway has done many and wide ranges of testing - including for pregnant case - before launching their products. Also found an online article supporting this in website.


Kristin72 - August 22

no this is not a good idea. try to get your protein sources naturally through lean meats, beans, and some fish. good luck



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