Smoked Oysters

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Michelle - December 14

Are smoked oysters safe to eat when pregnant?? Just wondering because usually every Christmas my family has them.


Tess - December 15

If not "COOK" then my guess is "NO"


Lynn - December 24

Yes, as long as they aren't raw. You can have them smoked, grilled, steamed, scalded, fried,etc,etc.. They actually have a ton on iron in them - very good for you.


anita - December 24

i'm not completely sure about this, but i don't think smoked is actually cooked. and if they're not cooked they can be really bad for you. i'd stay away from them unless you know they're VERY well done.


Lynn - December 25

Smoked is cooked fully, its just a different way to cook oysters. Just like you can smoke ribs or grill them - either way they are still cooked.


Michelle - December 25

Thanks all for your input!


Kay - December 25

I think I would stay away from oysters all together while pregnant... Personally, I love them but stay away from them even not pregnant. They carry a lot of bacteria and harmful stuff.


Lisa - December 26

I've been eating smoked oysters...I have not experienced anything bad.



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