What S Going On With My Weight

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kendra - November 18

I am about 15 weeks pregnant and weigh less now than i did to begin with. I am taking my prenatal vitamins, eating healthy, and sleeping an extra lot. Why is this happening? Is this bad for the baby?


Leann - December 7

Hi Kendra, I'm in the same boat. I am also 15 wks 3 days . I gained about 3 lbs, first 12 weeks and then somehow have lost it! I have been eating healthy and regularly. I weigh now, exactly what I weighed before pregnancy. I have a doctor's appointment on Saturday and plan to discuss this with my doctor. You are not alone though! I feel good and my belly is continuing to grow!


Leann - December 7

How are you feeling?


Jai - December 9

i was concerned about this also. i had lost weight in the beginning, but i wasnt having any morning sickness and i was eating right, so i wasnt sure why. I didnt start gaining any weight at all untill i was about 17 weeks. I am now 21 wks 4days and I have now gained a total of 5lbs. I had my doctors apointment last week and my doctor actually told me that i need to make sure i eat healthy so i dont gain to much weight. So im a__suming she wasnt concerned with my weight gain. I also had my 20 week ultrasound last week and the baby is exactly where he is supposed to be. SO, I wouldnt worry to much about not gaining weight yet. Just make sure you keep taking those vitamins and eat right and you will gain the weight you and your baby needs when its time. Good luck :)


Jenny - December 9

Everyone should be lucky that your not gaining weight right now..Your only suppose to gain around 25-35 pounds and most of that comes in the last four months.


Dee - December 10

Don't worry, the weight will come. In the meantime just eat a diet that contains foods that are not processed. Don't forget to eat your veggies. Whole grains are very good too.



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