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Jessh81985 - September 9 4:34pm

I know that they say when your stomach is hard, with no pains or whatnot, its braxton hicks, but for the last week my stomach has been hard all the time. Not exhadurating it is seriously hard all the time. I asked my midwife about it and she said its impossible, but aparently it is possible because my stomach is hard constantly. Am i having braxton hicks all the time, anyone konw anything about this?? PLEASE HELP
(baby is still active)

Mommy_to_be - September 9 7:54pm

I don't know how far along you are but if you are feeling the baby you are probably past 16 weeks. If you are thin I would say that the reason your stomach is always hard is bc you are poking at the baby! I started off as thin/average build and my stomach is hard when I poke at it bc it's all baby!! That's what my Lamaze instructor said. Braxton hicks for me are really uncomfortable, they feel like someone is pulling tightly on my skin from both sides! It's more of a pressure and tightening feeling, not just a hard stomach. Hope that helps

Bailey2786 - September 10 8:25pm

ugh I get BHs alllllllll the TIME it feels like my stomach is hard for the better part of the day, but mommy to be is right usually you feel pressure of like a lard bump trying to pop out of your stomach.. it is annoying when the doctors don;t listen to you though isn't it? I told my doc. the same thing and he is just like dont worry about it I bet its not that bad.. hmmm.. by the way I am 18 weeks!

tryingx3 - September 11 1:41pm

Mine did the same thing especially if I was on my feet or not drinking enough fluid. I don't really know what was going on, but that was over 10 wks ago and I am still going strong at 38 wks.

KatieB - October 11 4:37pm

I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one getting Braxton Hicks so early. I'm 24 weeks and have been getting them since probably about 20 weeks and everyone keeps telling me it's too soon to feel those.

bella nikita - October 11 10:48pm

Katie - you actually start having braxton hicks when your about 6 weeks pregnant, they just arent strong enough to feel them. They start getting more and more intense and frequent as time goes on. Im 36 weeks pregnant now and wow do i ever feel them more than ever and stronger than ever. Ive had 2 false alarms already.

tndrlvn - October 12 11:38am

I get BH every time i get up......have been for a few weeks now.....this past week though i get the pain in teh groin area with it..........IT IS SOOOOOOOOO UNCOMFORTABLE!!!!!!! I am now 33 weeks along.....even sometimes i wonder if i am in labour cause i get them every 10 minutes, even sitting down...I guess it is just getting ready for when baby arrives, and i can't wait for the big day!!!!!!!!!!

srigles - October 14 7:48pm

Tndrlvn, I just posted a similar comment on the third trimester. I'm getting them constantly now, too, and my stomach is always tight and achy even when I'm NOT getting BH's, so then it just gets worse, and I'm so frustrated! And sometimes they really HURT. 7 weeks to go.... doesn't sound like too long, but it sure feels like it....! :)

Babette - November 13 1:50am

Hi Jess, completely different perspective here: I live in the Netherlands and over here they tell all the women that you shouldn't be having BH all the time. Apparently it's a sign of stess and it's your body telling you to slow down. In this part of the world it's a reason to cut down on work on doctor's orders.

mommynproud - November 30 2:13pm

I'm having the same problem. My doctor, mom and dad who is a doctor says it's normal. They tell me it's your uterus contracting to exercise itself for the "big day" I think it's odd to, but my baby is still just as active also...I wouldn't worry about it, good luck and sorry for your discomfort

babyluftblasenontheway - December 12 3:11am

I talked to my doctor today about bhc. He said that it may be a cause of dehydration, your bladder is full or you are over exerting yourself with an activity. So either try to slow it down, drink a bottle of water or nice sized gla__s, or go pee lol

mizztaylor - August 25 1:34pm

i had s_x on july 18 and i havent been feeling the same.i been having these bad headachs for weeks and bad stmoach pain also my my stomach is there a chance that i can be pregnant??

readyforthisbaby - October 29 9:02am

I'm 32 weeks and lately, I feel like my stomach is almost always hard. This is my first pregnancy, and at first, it scared me, but it seems to be par for the course. I've also had some back pains with it, so that really scared me. Drink lots of water!! That's the only thing that I find that helps a bit.

LeahsMommy - November 14 6:06pm

I had bhc starting at 20 weeks with my daughter. They became more frequent and more painful as the weeks went on. My doc was concerned with the frequency on the bhc's so they checked to make sure I wasn't in early labor. I wasn't dilated nor effaced so they said not to worry. The good news is that I had a very short labor! I think it was all the training that my uterus had! I'm now 15 weeks along with my second and have bhc again. Mine are more frequent with physical activity, it must be chasing the 2 year old around that started them early this time.


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