Period Pains No Blood And 6 Days Late

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Sarah - April 19

Hi am 5 day late experiencing period pains, sore b___sts and back ache, feel like i'm going to come on any minute, did a clearblue test this morning and it was positive... not going to get to excited until i have it confirmed by the doctor.. but i am on top of the world at the moment... also i've been trying for two years so you can imagine how i must be feeling.. goodluck to will happen soon!


Melissa - April 19

I'm six weeks pregnant and I took 3 pregnancy tests a weeks ago and all came out positive. I was experincing cramps before I found out and I just thought I was going to start my period. Good Luck!!!


Sherilyn - April 19

HI, I have sore nipples, urinating alot, 6 days late but for 4 days have experienced the symtoms of starting a period cramps, sore back feeling sick without the blood can this happen when you have conceived reckon I would be about 3 weeks? Can someone please help! That sound like me, I just test, and I am!!! Positive.


jennie - April 21

i get my period every 19 days. ia that normal


Arianne - April 21

Same here..I am 10 days late today!.. My cycle in March was on for 1 day (on a normal 5 day cycle) and the next 3 days were brown and pink spotting. I have lower back pains and my b___st are just a little sore as if my cycle was about to come. Also, my husband and I are trying. I took a preg. test 11 days ago and it was negative. I don't want to go through this agony anymore. It can be pretty depressing when you are trying to get pregnant and you are not. My question is should I take another preg. test or just wait for it to come on. Your answers really are helping me out. :-)


Confused - April 22

I was on the pill for 1 year and 3 months. I have not used the pill for one month. My period is late 6 days but I am having cramps, could that be pregnancy or delayed period because I stopped the pill? Someone please give me your opinion.


kelly - April 22

i am 14 days late - both blood work and home pregnancy test tell me i am not pregnant! went off pill 6 months ago and have been relatively regular for last 4 months! help.... dr.'s don't seem that concerned!!! i have been nauseaus, sore b___st, cramping and feel bloated like i am going to get my period - but nothing! any thoughts??? any similar experinces??


jennie - April 22

i've had unprotected (and some protected) s_x -- my boyfriend and i usually end up taking the condom off, and he uses the pull-out method.

we've been doing this for a little over a month. i have never really followed my period, but i don't think i'm 'regular'.

last month i started on the 11th... and i haven't had a period this month, but i took a test after being a few days late, and it said negative.

i totally felt like my period was gonna come last week because of mood swings, and generally feeling heavy... but my period never came!

for the last 4 days, my b___sts (not nipples) have been REALLLY sore.

Is it possible to be pregnant? Or is my stress causing me to delay my period??


Kim - April 23

I should have started my period April 17, I have been having cramps for the last 3 days, no period, but I have taken two pregnancy tests and they are negative


Jada - April 23

Well to me that sounds like the first signs of pregnancy, but i would check with your doctor to make sure


Amanda - April 26

Here's my deal. I'm 6 days late. I took a test yesterday, and it came out negative. I don't get bloated or cramps or anything. Sometimes cramps like for about 3 minutes periodically. My b___sts aren't sore. But I'm still late. My bf and I didn't even do anything since the last time I had my period. Well, we did .. but he put it in and pulled out right away cuz his dad told us we were gonna miss our movie if we didnt leave. So that was it. That short. What do you guys think?


faiza - April 27

true say.... regular..but 10 days late ..cramping...and 5 negative tests :(

went doc....sez shud wait up2 4 weeks before stopping testing with urine!! so gota keep at it! gals.....until the next period date c_ms rround basically!

plus morning urines hav to b answer!


sally jo - April 30



Andrea - April 30

I am three weeks late and been having period cramps eavery day for about 1 min or so. My b___sts are REALLY sore as well. I did a clear blue tets and it was vERY slightly positive....did a first response and it was definetly positive! Is the cramping normal..this far along?


louise - April 30

i am 7 days late i am having period like pains sore b___sts urinating frequantly and feeling sick through the day on and off. done 5 tests all neg am i likely to be pregnant or not please help as i am going mad and spending a fourtune on tests.


louise - April 30

please help i am 7 days late i am having period like pains sore b___sts urinating frequantly and feeling sick through the day on and off. done 5 tests all neg am i likely to be pregnant or not please help as i am going mad and spending a fourtune on tests.



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