Rapid Heart Rate

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tvdwmom - November 25

I am 5 1/2 weeks pg and am experiencing the same rapid heart rates, especially after eating. I also get numbness/tingling (pins + needles) in my feet and hands whenever my heart rate goes up. I told my midwife, and she didn't sound too concerned. I usually have GREAT blood pressure, but yesterday at my initial pregnancy exam, it was 139/82, and my pulse was 110! I am worried. My BHcG levels are also a little high (are more than doubling every 2 days) and was on clomid. This is my 3rd (and last) pregnancy, and I will be 37 in December. I go for my 1st ultrasound Thursday next week. These symptoms are definitely not enjoyable and hope they go away soon. I welcome any comments. God Bless!


dirtndiamonds - January 12

Just thought I would add my experience to this thread. I found this discussion last week or so when I suspected I might be pregnant but wasn't sure yet. I began to have mild tachycardia starting only a couple days after I would have conceived (112) and I had several episodes in the days following. Finding this thread really gave me some peace, at least if I turned out I was pregnant... which I am! It's the only thing I can think of that would maybe explain this sudden onset. These things may or may not be relevant but wanted to share them in case other were feeling the same things. The worst episodes seem to happen after I eat a large meal and usually at night (My meals are usually smaller during the day so I'm not sure which of the two has an impact or not) The earliest I've had an episode is 4:00 p.m. I may be imagining things but some of the worst episodes have also been on days I took a multivitamin so I stopped taking that but since I'm pregnant I'm going to have to find a way to get my important supplements. When I have an attack it begins with the rapid heart rate (usually between 100-135) and I feel flushed and sometimes I start shivering violently, even if I'm not very cold. Conversation is difficult, either from the shivering, some breathlessness or both. I feel clumsy and like my hands can't be trusted. Before I knew I was pregnant I saw a nurse pract_tioner about my symptoms but I felt pretty good at my appointment so they couldn't tell me much. Had and EKG and blood test, but I haven't received the results yet. She mentioned stopping the multivitamin for now and buying a prenatal type instead which I'll be doing. I feel a little concerned that I felt this symptom so early in my pregnancy, but I am looking forward to finding some more answers.


sscamaro02 - February 26

Very glad to hear I am not the only one feeling this way. I did not have the palpitations with my first pregnancy, only the increased heart rate. I am currently 7 weeks pregnant and for the past week my heart has been beating much harder and much faster. I seem to get a great deal of air in my stomach as well as feeling tired and short of breath. I have a dr appt Thursday and will definitely be asking some questions! Thanks for all the responses!


Denizerer - April 30

I have experienced the same thing, according to my OB it normal to have a pulpitation so less worries about it but if this scsres you you should go back to your OB to have another check up and your ob could make a referral with cardiologist. Stay safe!


Denizerer - May 29

Hi Lelsey Ann,

I think these are heart palpitations and they are usual for pregnant women. Don't worry - these palpitations are not harmful. When you're pregnant your body works harder and so your heart beats faster. 



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