Sore Nipples After Period Ends

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Loulouse - September 6

I always have sore nipples before my period but this month not only I had it before like usual , I also have it after my period ended. The difference is that it hurts way more. No matter what I'm doing I'm so conscious of it because it hurts really bad like someone is puling it. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What could this means? Thank you for your time. It's really appreciated.


Constance05 - November 28

Hi! The same thing happen to me.. My Nipples were hurting 3wks before i had my period and i just ended my period 3 days ago and they still hurt. also im still having slight cramping and my back hurts. not to mention me throwing up because of different smells. and being very tired and jus feeling so sick period. I dont have the answers but im right with ya!



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