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stacyh - February 11 7:30pm

Hi, this is a little embarrassing in a few days I can ask the dr- I wanted to know if anyone else has this. I really don't think I have a yeast infection, not the same symptoms and the area is red/irritated. But the top part of my "who-ha", inside the lips itches like crazy. I don't want to be too expicit, I hope you all know where I am describing. Also the sides of the inside between the lips itch like crazy. The itching is NOT actually in the va___al opening. I originally thought it was a yeast and the dr. told me to use monistat but not inserting the cream, that didn't really work. I have found that vagisil works the best, but it's gone on just about every day for alomost a month now. Some days it's not as bad/some days it's gone. I am clean and shower sometimes 2 times a day because I think it helps a little. But does anyone else have this?!

Jennbj - February 13 5:28pm

I am 31 weeks and have beenexperiencing the same thing for several months. It's not as bad now as it used to be. I don't know exactly what it is but I know too that it is not a yeast infection anymore though i think it started out that way. From what I was watching on a pregnancy program it is pretty normal, but they didn't say why.

NuMama - February 13 8:20pm

OH MY GOD i thought i was alone i was too embarra__sed to ask my doctor(scared something might be wrong with me) i know its stupid but i have the same problem WHAT IS IT??? what should i do to get rid of it?? will it harm the baby?

stacyh - February 14 12:28pm

Hi ladies, thanks for your replies. Well at least I don't feel so alone, even though it's only us! Ha! I did ask the dr. a bit ago and she said that it's because of my hormone levels. She told me to use monistate because it's probably a small yeast building up (like I mentioned I use it for a long time and it didn't work). I went to vagisil and it seems to work! The only thing- I gotta apply it 2-3 times a day. I noticed some days are better too. I don't know. Like Jennbj says, it'll probably get better as time goes on. Thank you again!!

S2 - February 19 10:05am

Hi there ladies. I'm 27wks and for about 2 wks I had terrible itching in the same areas and I found out from my dr that I had a urine infection, which is common during pregnancy, but must be treated. He put me on Amoxil antibiotics but I can honestly say that the one remedy that really helped me was from my aunt
who's a nurse and this maybe disgusting, but it worked for me. PLAIN COLD YOUGART....apply as a viginal cream after a shower, morning and evening, apparently it has something called culture in it and helps to soothe the itchiness. Nothing to loose, try it.

mommy323 - March 1 12:29am

omg good thing i'm not the only one .,,,lol

DownbutnotOUT - March 3 5:47pm

I have the same thing and sometimes I itch so bad and I scratch till im red down there, not meaning to be. At first I thought it was a yeast infection too but it wasent and than I thought maybe a reaction to latex (I noticed it would really be bad after an internal was done). What I did was soak myself down there and wash with antibacterial soap once every 2 days (because soap irritation makes its worse) and would sleep with a pantiliner to help absorb the extra moisture down there. I also started eating a tub of yougart every 3 days for over a week, it has been 1 1/2 weeks now since I have been irritated down there.

stacyh - March 5 11:59am

Hi ladies, I have been tring several different things. I have found it may have been the panitliner that I was wearing regularly causing the irritation. I don't wear them all the time and I also got a different brand of liners, along with eating yogurt on a semi daily basis. I have found a lot of relief! I don't wear liners daily either, mainly when I am going to be out. Thanks for all your advice!

allisan - March 11 11:22pm

TO: DownbutnotOUT

You mentioned that it gets worse after you have an internal done... this rly hits home!!

I am 36 weeks pregnant and was absolutely fine... no itching, have been keeping clean and havent even had s_x in the last 2 weeks! So it was easy to notice the fact that after I went to my doctors 2 days ago and had a swab done and a quick cervix check that I've been having this issue!

I read somewhere about BV (Bacterial Vaginosis).. it said its basically caused when the natural "good" v____al bacteria are wiped away and replaced with "bad" bacteria.

Maybe thats what we all have - its not a yeast infection!

I'm very very glad to hear from you tho that its not just me who thinks my doctor visit caused this horrid pain! I went to bed hours ago and just woke up now because the pain was so bad! :x


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