What Does That Mucus Plug Look Like

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preggies3 - June 20

Ok no pain, just feeling a little morning sickness, but what's new? Used the rest room and there it was mucus. I know this is gross but I don't want to cause anyone any alarm in my house and I just wanted to know what the mucus plug looked like. Does it have blood, because mine didn't but I have never seen it like that. No odor, no pain. Just stomach tightening.


blessedmom78 - June 21

HI Preggies. When I was 22 weeks preg with 1st, I noticed mucous after a bathroom visit (it had a very faint streak of blood), but no pain or anything else. I called my Midwife, she told me it was probably nothing and to lay down and drink a full gla__s of water. I ended up dialated to 4 cm two hours later. I don't want to scare you or anything, but, I do think it would be very good for you to call your doc on it. I have since been diagnosed with Incompetent Cervix (where your cervix thins and dialates without any symptoms). I'm the mom of a daughter (born in 2000) and am now 5+ weeks pregnant. Trust your instincts and call the doc. Best Wishes to you, and please let me know how it turns out, I'll be praying for you!


preggies3 - June 27

Thank you blessedmom78!!! I did call my doctor and I was seen the next day because she said that if I felt anything else out of the normal or continued to have the same thing throughout the evening to go to the emergency room. Anyway they did a culture and it turned out normal, she checked me internally and everything seems fine. Although the baby is bigger than what it is supposed to be, so now my due date has been moved from november 7 to October 26 or earlier. Anyway thanks for your input....good luck with your second baby. I know that although I had already been through it once I was still nervous with my second. Let's see if the same is true for the third!



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