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Kristina - January 10 12:13am

I am having some mild lower abdominal cramping and back pain, yet i am pregnant with my 2nd child, is this normal? What's going on? Also if you have a stressful job for instance if your on your feet all the time, doing chores, alot of bending over and alittle lifting (2-3 small boxes of hotwheels) can this harm the baby? and what soothing techniques can i use?

Beth - January 10 2:22pm

Hi Kristina, congratulations, I am 5 weeks pg also. Sorry I am unable to easy your thoughts though, I sit on my b___t all day for work and am very uncomfortable.

Lucky1 - January 10 3:28pm

Hey, I think that I am 5 weeks but I'm not sure... I Ovulated on December 21st....Anyway, I have cramps and backpain as well. I don't think that it means anything unless it become severe or unbearable..... Any Morning sickness yet?

Melissa - January 10 8:11pm

I had the backaches and the mild cramping too They said it was the uterus stretching and getting ready for the baby. By the way I'm 4 wks 6 days and just went to doc today for hcg counts again. The first one was 536 and thisone after4 days went only to 1300 instead of 1500, now I'm alittle worried and have to go back on Wed for another count. Do you know what your count were???

Beth - January 11 9:39am

I found out on Thursday Jan 6 that I was pg and went to the doctor Friday the 8 for my first visit. He did a physical and an ultra sound and told me that I was 5 weeks and then sent me off to the lab for my blood tests, he told me nothing else, what they were taking blood for nor did he ask if I had any questions. Was the blood tests to see my hcg level?

Lucky1 - January 11 10:19am

I am not sure but I think that i just turned 5 weeks cause my doc says my due date is September 12. My doctor didn't do a Quantative Blood test because they said a positive test means I'm pregnant and that would be a waste at that time. He just gave me an appt for Feb 1st because I will be 8 weeks by then. I am noticing some back pain but not too much. I had insomnia for a while but now I can't get enough sleep. My b___st are terribly sore, and I am hungry all the time. AHH, they joys of pregnancy.(LOL) :o)
All of this is going on and I'm still happy!!!

Missy - January 11 5:53pm

Beth and Lucky1- I'm also due in Sept. But on the 13th. It's kind of good that ur doc doesn't give you all that info to worry about.I guess because I'm going to the fertility center instead of my ob doctor. Which I'm about to do soon switch up. My email is if you want to keep in touch on our journeys. so cool to know some others in my same sit.Pain just alittle achey on the left now Tomarrow I'll get those lovely counts again and another ultra which who know if we'll see anything yet,I still think it may be too early???

Missy - January 11 5:55pm

Krista congrats to you too, sorry didn't include ur name in the last posting!!Good luck and k.i.t.

Amy - January 24 9:15am

Hello i am also 5 weeks pregnant, i came on to answer my own worries but i am now convinced its normal. Every day and during the night i am getting cramp like period pains i feel as though i am going to start my period

Mum 2 b - January 25 12:42pm

Hi! I am 5 weeks pregnant and also have been experiencing pains that are like period pains. All is fine though. I went to the doctor today and he didn't do anything as my test was positive. I just have to wait for midwife to see me in 7 weeks time! I too have to do some lifting of heavy boxes sometimes at work and am a bit worried. Nobody knows yet as don't want to tell them til i am 12 weeks. I just have to be careful. The doctor said that it is safe to carry on as normal with excercise.(?) I wouldn't worry, you'll be fine, :+)

cynthia - January 27 1:58pm

wish i could be of more help. but i am pregnant with first child. think i am 5 weeks. did 2 home preg tests both positive. can only get appt with gynae on 8 Feb for first check -up. is that fine? or should i try to get an appt aimmediately. otherwise i am in good health. Also have ab cramping. nothing serious. am a teacher. no chance to rest.

Baby J - January 28 10:24am

I am also 5 weeks pregnant. I went to the Dr 2 days ago because I was cramping and had mild bleeding. I had blood test and v____al sonogram done. Baby is fine. Mild cramping is ok. My HCG count was 8715.

jenn - January 28 12:38pm

Hey ladies, I'm 5wk 3 days. I'm so glad to hear that others are having some abdominal cramping too. I haven't had any sickness, but have had alot of light headedness - especially when I get out of the bed in the morning. I don't go for my first u/s until Feb. 8, so I'll be checking this site alot til then to see what you guys have to say. Good luck to you all !!

hannah - February 7 9:19pm

im 5 weeks and mostly suffer from emotional stress, i get worried about the effects on my baby but its okay so far!

jay jay - February 7 9:23pm

hi, wiv me i am lite headed all da time! i have felt a little sick but not actually bin sik. I have sore b___bs and get pains that spread round my lower back and abdomen about 6 times a day!

Dawn - February 8 1:19pm

hello! i am 5 weeks along as well and i called my doctor about the cramping and back pain. i also am on my feet all day long. the cramping is normal--it should feel like prementrual cramps--like you are going to start your period, but you obviously are not. But becareful about lifting anything over 25lbs! Congratulations on your pregnancy!

sara - February 8 5:23pm

I was just wondering,cause today i did have some cramps so i stressed, but also is it normal for my b___bs to not be sore at all, this is my third baby i have a 7 month old and i am 5 weeks. but i have the symptoms of being really tired and i pee a lot., my b___sts hurt with my other 2 pregnancies.


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