9 Weeks The Test Just Now Was Positive Strange

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Paige80 - January 23

I tested at 6 and 7 weeks(I am just now realizing how far along I was at that time) and both tests were negative. I just tested at 9 weeks and two tests were positive. I definitely FEEL like something different is going on with my body; I've never been pregnant before. But I have cramps all day long, and it feels as though I'm about to get my period. I'm not sure if that's normal or not!


Deb - January 23

If you just got a positive, then you are pregnant. It is important to go see your doctor right away for prenatal care.


Paige80 - January 23

Well the doctor today just told me that I'm NOT 9 weeks...I'm 5 weeks -- which is why the test JUST came back positive for the first time. He just took a blood test today and on Wed. he will let me know exactly where I am. Since I had been on the pill until November he said that my cycle was a bit off, and I didn't ovulate until the middle of December. My last period was at THANKSGIVING...a while ago! I did see a picture though...just an incredibly tiny black dot on the screen! His actual words however were, "It may not be a viable pregnancy..." So I suppose by Wednesday we'll know.


Been There - January 23

I hope everything works out for your.


Paige80 - January 23

Well it's an unexpected pregnancy, and all the calculations with dates and everything seemed extremely "off" for every scenario! I'm really not sure what's going on at this point, but he said the sac looked very small considering my last period was right before Thanksgiving. I should have ovulated the first week in December -- which usually happens anyway even if I don't take the pill. My period was always on it's same cycle whether I took the pill or not. But according to the ultrasound today he said I looked only to be about 5 weeks. Considering the confusion with dates and size and everything, who knows what'll happen.



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