A Little Concerned But Tryiing To Keep Optimistic

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Angi07 - September 9

Quick run down of my medical past...2 miscarriages, 1 ectopic which the right tube was removed.. Ok..I just found out I was pregnant roughly a week and a half ago. My last period started on 8/4/10 so I'm about 5 weeks or so. I went to the hospital shortly after finding out I was pregnant to make sure its not another ectopic..they seen a very small sac but still wasn't able to rule out ectopic. My hcg levels read 680. 2 days later they had me come back to get a repeat evauluation..my hcg levels were 1662 this time..and the sac was getting bigger. 2 more days pass and I started having mild cramps only in one spot on my left side..figured something was wrong..returned to the hospital and they did another ultrasound and a hcg test. My hcg was over 4000 this time and they only seen the gestational sac and yolk sac..but no baby or heartbeat...I still get mild cramps in the very same spot every so often but nothing that has me doubled over in pain... I have a dr appointment Monday the 13th...is it normal to only see the gestational sac and yolk sac...but no baby? I'm worried of miscarrying again, being told there is no baby...or worse.. I guess my question is can you see the yolk sac and have good levels and there actually be a baby?? Oh one more thing..they tested last Saturday for progesterone or however you spell it..and it came back 17.92...


Angi07 - September 9

Oh..they ruled out ectopic because they seen the sac in the uterus**


pikapuka2000 - September 17

How far along were you? if it's early enough, your baby can be too small to see until it gets big enough for the ultracound to pick up. I'm sorry I'm so late seeing this post. how did your appointment go? I hope it went well!


Angi07 - September 19

I'm 7 weeks today. They were able to see the heartbeat last week! And everything is going well so far! :)


Kat21 - September 20

i just found out i am pregnant i took a test yesterday i am excited but a little worried too because my last pregnancy ended in miscarriage they never found the heartbeat because it was an empty egg. I am just hoping all goes well this time it will be my first child!! Hope all goes well for you!!


mandyk08 - September 22

I just found out today that I am pregnant. I am scared because I have been cramping for a week...some cramps have been a little strong? Any advice?


Kat21 - September 22

Me too i have been having cramping and i found out sunday i was pregnant...i looked through some books and it says abdominal cramping and the cause is hormonal changes of early pregnancy and its normal as long as they are not severe hope this helps. Hope all goes well!


mandyk08 - September 22

Thanks Kat21! I wouldn't cla__sify my cramping severe...just stronger than I am used too. Calling the doc tomorrow! Good luck to you too!


Kat21 - September 22



angelinakai - October 25

I cramped when I was pregnant with both of my kids... one time it was so strong that I went to the ER and everything was fine :)



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