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Amanda C. - October 5

So I had my very first transva___al ultrasound on Monday, 9/26 and it was normal for 5.5 weeks. I had intercourse that night, and on Tuesday night. I started spotting on Wednesday morning. I called the doctor, and he told me that it was probably caused from the intercourse. The spotting stopped on Friday and restarted very lightly on Sunday. The it worsened by Monday and Tuesday. I made an appointment with the doctor for Wednesday. The spotting worsened still. I went the the dr's office and they asked me to pee in a cup. When I pulled down my pants, there was blood everywhere. Worse then AF. Then, when I peed, I passed what looked to me, like a large clump of tissue matter. It was white with spots of red and was the size of a quarter. I knew I had miscarried, and what better place then the dr's office? So I go in there and the doctor explains to me the reasons we miscarry (genetics, bad chromosomes...ect) and does another tv ultrasound. The monitor shows a sac with yolk and everything and a heart beat of 122bpm. The doctor said that the pregnancy was right were it should be and couldn't really find any reason for the spotting/bleeding or the passed "tissue". Does anyone have any ideas, or has this happened to anyone else and the went on to have a normal pregnancy/birth? I am not too too worried, because the doctor said everything looked good, but just wondering.


bean - October 5

Have you read the posts on the vanishing twin? I have absolutely no experience in this, but I've heard about some women who are pg with twins and miscarry one, but the other goes on to be perfectly healthy.


Amanda C. - October 5

Bean- That is kind of what I thought, too. I brought that possibility up with my dr, but he didn't really yay or nay it. We were both, I guess, more concerned with the baby being healthy. I should have asked him to elaborate.



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