Anyone Out There Live In NJ

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s - June 30

Hi, Does anyone live in NJ??? I need a doctor !! Thanks


Debi - July 1

where in nj are you looking for a doctor? i am from central nj.


danielle - July 1

Hi! I live in northern New Jersey. I have an appointment on Tuesday (my first...I am about 8.5 weeks) with a doctor that was recommended to me by someone whose opinion I trust. I can re-post here after the appointment and let you know how it goes if you want (also, if you are in this area). Where in NJ are you?


s - July 2

Hi, and thanks for getting back to me. I live in central jersey also, North Brunswick. If you really like your doctor please let me know. The group I go to is just OK. Its such a "baby factory" I feel like there is no personal attention at all. Im not looking to make friends with the doctors but at this place you are just such a number, Am I asking too muh or is this just the way it is?? I loved my old doctor but they stopped delivering babies because the insurance was out of control. PLease let me know if you have any imput. Thanks and good luck to you all!!!


Debi - July 2

Hi, I have a group in Warren, NJ that I have been going to since I was pregnant with my first in 1993. There are only 3 doctors and only 2 of them do deliveries, the other is a fertility specialist. I really like them, if you are interested you can e-mail me at [email protected] and I can give you more info. Good luck:)


Allison - July 4

I used to live in North Brunswick, too! Small world! I live in MA now, but I used to see Pamela Salley - she's awesome! She has an office in East Brunswick. Good luck.


lex - July 4

Hi! I live in North Jersey and my doctor is out of Hackensack Hospital. He is wonderful! I had my first appt last week (6 weeks) and he did an ultrasound and I got to see the baby! I would definetly recommend him!


s - July 4

thank you all for your feedback. I will be calling these doctors in the am



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