Beta HCG Of 5

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Babymama - June 3

I'm back! And probably will be every month about this time until I have a baby! LOL Anyway, Today is 12 DPO for me and my period should be here today or tomorrow (It's been a little whacked out the past few months coming between 29-30 days, but was always 28 days until 2 months ago)...BUT I took a HPT yesterday and it was definitely BFN, I took another TWO HPT's today and the were both very faint BFP's! So I called my doc and they ordered an HCG quant which came back as 5! That blew my mind b/c I did NOT think HPT's would pik it up that low....but I', not the only one who saw the lines so I know I didn't imagine them! LOL I go back for labs again on Thursday. I have not had any real symptoms other than feeling a little dizzy today and not really wanting to eat. Also, my BBT has remained over the cover line through today. I also know that my HCG level was zero in March after a miscarriage (they tested to see if I was okay to TTC). SO should I consider myself pregnant or not, or should I just not get my hopes up and deal with it!


mcbee - June 3

Well, what did the doctor say? I got my BFP only about a week after conception (on a Friday) and my first hcg test came back at 47 (on a Monday). The line was sort of faint, but definitely there, so maybe it can pick it up.


DeeD - June 3

Yes-that is considered pregnant. But just barely. You will have to see if levels double as they should. Fingers crossed for you.


Babymama - June 4

Well, I had some brown spotting this morning and I feel like AF will come. And my temps dropped a little today, not below over, but close. I am still going to go get blood work done tomorrow. :( If AF does come, would I consider this a chemical pregnancy....or just bad luck...Why would my HCG go to 5 at all? I am so confused and discouraged..... What could be making all of this happen....I think I may try to go to another doctor...I don't feel like mine is helping me get pregnant or at least explain things to me and answer my questions.....


epigg - June 4

I don't want to scare you, but I have experienced miscarriages. The last one, my HCG was very low in the beginning also. I believe it started at 25, then dropped to 5 after 48 hours. But, on the flip side, we are all different, and maybe it is just too early to tell. If the bleeding increases, then you will know. Hang in there. It is not an easy thing to deal with. Just remember that there is always next month. I agree, make sure you feel completely trusting with your doc. If not, get a different one. Time will tell. I wish you luck!


Babymama - June 5

Well, I'm getting ready to go back to the doc to get my second set of labs drawn. Last night I had a horrible migraine with nausea and vomiting so I went to an urgent care facility b/c I was afraid to take any meds at home. They gave me some stuff and sent me home and I am better today. The spotting is gone, it's back to regular CM now. So who knows. I am NOT getting my hopes up. I also found out yesterday that my insurance company will NOT cover ANY kind of infertility treatment, not even an office visit to talk about it. So I am pretty bummed out. I could probably pay out of pocket for SOME stuff, but my husband and I have been saving to build a house and I don't know how much of that money we should spend....So anyway, I'm headed to the doctor...


angelmonkey - June 8

i had a beta bloodtest done at 9dpo and it came back at 24 is that normal? im having another wednesday to see if they rise but my hpts are getting a bit darker im now 13dpo



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