Blighted Ovum Any One Else Go Through It

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Allison - July 6

Hi Ladies, I am (was) 8 weeks pregnant and was just diagnosed with a blighted ovum meaning that nothing ever really developed after 5 weeks. I'm just curious if anyone else went through this, what their symptoms were (I spotted brown for about 3 weeks) and how long it took to finally miscarry or if you elected to have a D & C. Can you share your stories if you have them? Thanks!


Cabbie - July 6

Allison, I am so sorry for your loss. I too was diagnosed with a blighted ovum on June 24. I was supposed to be 9 1/2 weeks and the baby had quit developing around 6 weeks. My sacs however were smaller than my 9 1/2 weeks but were in perfect condition and still growing slowly. The only sign I had was brown spotting for two days, an hour or so each day (only when I wiped). I still had all my pregnancy symptoms (extreme fatigue, nausea/vomiting, heartburn, b___st tenderness, etc) because the hormones that cause these symptoms are produced by the sacs not the baby. My dr felt a d&c was the only way to go because he felt with the way my sacs looked I might not miscarry physically for another month or so (14 or so weeks along of build up to sluff). He felt this would be too cruel mentally and physically to sit around and wait. I had my d&c on June 29 (one week ago today). I have had two previous natural miscarriages. The d&c was very easy. They gave me a sedative and I woke up 25 minutes later with the procedure over with. It was outpatient so I was in the car on the way home two hours after my surgery began. They just had to wait for me to urinate to make sure it was all still working. I was starving due to the fact they make you stop eating the night before at midnight. I made my husband pull off at a sandwich place and I devoured a sandwich on the way home. I was pretty groggy and slept the rest of the day. My dr put me on week of antibiotics, painpills, and a medicine to control bleeding. They made me take a pain pill before I left the hospital since I had an hour ride home, but I never took another one and didn't need the bleeding medicine. I barely filled a pad each day. I quit bleeding (really I'd call it spotting yesterday (day 7). I even went on a seven hour car trip this last weekend (3 days post procedure) with my two kids and hubby. The hardest physical aspect was the fatigue from the mental stress, anesthesia, and procedure. That has now subsided. I am still very sad, but I felt a sense of relief once it was done. There was just something about having it inside of me when I knew I wasn't pregnant anymore that really weighed on me. This was not an intentional pregnancy on our part, but a very wanted baby none the less. Let me know if you have any questions. My d&c was nothing compared to the pain I had with my two natural miscarriages. I am very happy with the decision to go ahead with the procedure. I think it saved me alot mentally and physically.


Allison - July 6

Cabbie, thanks so much for writing - your details about the d&c were really helpful. I guess I'm really on the fence. While I'd like things to happen naturally, I really don't feel like waiting around for weeks and weeks. It would be nice to know you can start over soon. So you say that the D&C was easier than your "natural" miscarriages? How so?


Cabbie - July 6

The first thing is that the physical pain with the d&c was so much less than with the miscarriages. My first miscarriage was very painful with a lot of bleeding. The second was a little less. With the D&C it was all so much less. I can't even really say I have had any pain with it. The bleeding like I said has been so slight. Emotionally, they all hurt, but with the d&c the physical part was over so quick it has helped. I also liked the fact that they sent my tissue off to be examined to see if they could find any answers and to know if my uterus is okay. You have to remember that even though the baby died early on, you still have 8 weeks of build up to get out. What has your dr said about a d&c?


Q - July 6

I'm very sorry to hear your diagnosis. I had a blighted ovum in Feb this year. We got a positive hpt on Dec 10th, and by Jan 7th, I had started to have brownish spotting. At the end of Jan, I had told my doctor about the continual spotting and he did not seem worried. I went in for an ultrasound on Feb 8, and was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I had the option of d&c, pill, or natural miscarriage. I decided to wait and try to have a 'natural' miscarriage, and it took a week and a half. During this time, I was quite sad, but didn't feel as though I was carrying anything wrong. I knew my body would do what it had to and I was uncomfortable with the idea of surgery or medication. It was the best choice for me at the time.


Allison - July 6

Q - thanks for sharing your story - it's good to hear that it started about a week and a half later. I'd like to wait to see what happens naturally. Cabbie, thanks for your input too - I can understand how having a D&C and getting the whole thing behind you would be a relief.


Cabbie - July 6

I think if my dr hadn't been so positive of the duration of the blighted ovum, I might have waited as well. He said he really felt it would be a long while (a month or so) because my sacs were giving no indication of distress. They were perfectly round and he said that is very odd in a blighted ovum. Usually you see wrinkles or other malformations. However, the thought of having to sit and wait out another month was mentally not doable for me. He also felt that a miscarriage possibly at 14 weeks would be cruel to my body as well especially since I have two kids at home. He also said that when you get up into the double digit weeks your likelyhood of having a d&c after miscarriage is very likely due to the fact it is hard to discharge everything at that point. All that reasoning was what made it easy to agree with him. Good luck to you!


Alliison - July 6

thanks Cabbie - appreciate it.


Cabbie - July 7

Allison, how are you?


Marina - July 8

Allison, I too had a very similar experience to Cabbie's. I was supposedly 11 1/2 weeks pregnant when I found out the embryo had stopped growing at 6 weeks. I too had a d&c and the experience was positive. Like Cabbie said, it takes longer to heal the emotional wounds than it takes to heal the physical wounds. In my case the doctor said it was a natural way of taking care of a "problem" baby but in addition to this I found out that I have three fibroids. I am going to go see a different doctor to get his opinion on getting pregnant again. To answer your question I started spotting at 11 1/2 weeks meaning about 5 weeks after the embryon stopped growing and I decided to have the d&c because my doctor said it would be too painful. The d&c was quick and simple.


Allison - July 8

Hi Cabbie - I'm doing ok. I was all "excited" if that's really the right word because I thought I started to pa__s everything yesterday, but the bleeding seems to have stopped or subsided - bummer. It's just like waiting and waiting, and wondering when I'll have to run to the bathroom, with pads in my car, purse, office just about everywhere!! Sleeping with a towel under me (just in case). Let's put it this way - I've been through more fun things... My pregnancy symptoms are pretty much gone, so I'm hoping it is quick and not too painful. How are you recovering? Please keep me updated as to how long it takes for you to get your period and when you start ttc again. Good luck!


Cabbie - July 8

Allison, I hope it is a good sign that your symptoms are almost gone. This could mean that your levels are starting to drop really low. Just be careful with the bleeding. My dr was really concerned that the further along I was the more chance I had to hemorrage. Just be watchful. I feel physically recovered except still a bit of fatigue. This is probably due to me pushing myself to hard. As you know I had my d&c on Wed. June 29. Well, Sat. July 2, my family and I took off on a short vacation (7 hour car ride one way with two kids). I had no problems, just made me tired.. My bleeding (really all I ever had was spotting) had been entirely gone since Wed (one week post procedure). I never had any cramps. I go to the dr. July 19 for my follow up. We weren't really ttc just weren't preventing it either. I already have two wonderful kids. This was my third miscarriage (had my two healthy pregnancies first, then three miscarriages within the same year!) This may have convinced me I am just fine like I am. Who knows. I am still trying to get over this emotionally so no decisions made now. Keep me posted as I check back to check on you.


Allison - July 8

Hi Cabbie - you've been really supportive through all of this - thanks for sharing since you've just been through it. This is my second m/c - first was ectopic - so I'm just hopefull that the third time is a charm. I'm 34 so I'm just wondering how much more I have to go through to have a healthy baby. It must be a relief to have 2 wonderful children already - but I can only imagine what 3 miscarriages in one year is like - after going through 2. Take good care of yourself...



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