Boy Or Girl

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KP - March 11

Hello Ladies: Good news, I just found out that I am pregnant with 7 weeks. This is my second baby and I would like to find out s_x of the baby. Does anyone do their ultrasound as early as 7 weeks and they told you what s_x baby you having? Boy or Girl?


c - March 11

you can have an ultrasound at 7 weeks but you can't find out the s_x until 16 to 20 weeks


KP - March 11

What should I do if I want to know right now? I mean very soon


Ginger - March 11

You have ants in your d__n pants! If you are 7 weeks, you can wait another 13 weeks! However, Things that you can do but are not accurate are the drano trick, the chinese calender, the pencil trick, etc, etc... or my favorite, who was on top? You or your man? If you were on top, it will be a girl, if he was on top, it will be a boy- or, who enjoyed it the most? You-girl, him-boy!


Penny - March 11

LOL Ginger you are too much!!! I know that theres a web site somewhere out there where you can get all of this information, but not sure where it's at right now. You can't be for sure with these tests........and sometimes the US's can be incorrect as well. Why is is so urgent?? Theres nothing you can do to change it one way or the other...????


Heidi - March 11

Ha ha! What if you switched positions a few times? Ha ha! Maybe that's where mulitiples come into play. Ha ha! If so, I'm screwed!


JJ - March 12

Go to google and type in: gender will find a bunch of fun tests to take :)


Misty - March 12

There are a couple of places that tell you that with this and that information they can tell you if you are having a boy or girl, for a price. They even say that they will refund your money if they are wrong. I know you are anxious but for goodness sake don't do that. They have no idea what they are really doing and it is really just a good gamble on their part ( they have a 50% chance of being right : )) Just try to relax and hold off til' 20 weeks. That is the only way that you are going to really know what s_x your baby is.


KP - March 14

Thank you all for your answers. Ginger you were so too much!!! Penny, it's nothing urgent just wanted to know. Heidi, same here we changed the position so it means I am screwed too... Thanks


<Amy> - March 15

The s_xual prgans haven't even formed yet, all you'd see on a scan now is a lil bean. If there was a way to tell now don't you think everyone would want use the method!



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