Breast Size Fluctuating

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luvharry - December 31

I am 6.5 weeks pregnant and have had two miscarriages already. My br___ts have grown smaller in the last two days and the tenderness has decreased. The size and tenderness has increased and decreased over the past few days but has never reached what it was last week. Has anyone else had this happen and gone on to have a normal pregnancy?


softbreeze200 - December 31

I wouldn't worry too much honey, hormones can do funny things to you, especially during the early months. Try not to focus too much ont he chanes, as they will drive you crazy!! If it is really bothering you, go see your dr adn let them know your concerns. Maybe they will check your hcg levels to reasure you that everything is going alright. Congrats on your pregnancy. I am sure everything will work out fine. :)



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