Bring Fiancee To First Dr S Appointment

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Tina - February 17

My OBGYN will not see me until 12 weeks. My mother (from ME, I'm in RI) was going to come with me for the first appointment. Will I be hearing a heartbeat? What should I expect to see or hear? I feel my fiance should be there to hear it..Help!!


Beth - February 17

Does your fiance not want to go? Mine is at every apt with me! :0)


LYN - February 17

They might do an ultra souond so I would take him.


Maleficent - February 18

having your mom there will help. they are going to ask a TON of family history questions and she might know more about it than you do. my husband has never been present for the first heart beat, his work schedual just prevented it. but he was with me at every appointment he was able to attend. i cant imagine any dad not wanting to be there. at 12 weeks you have a good chance of hearing the heart beat. some dr's do scans at the first appointment and it's pretty cool. baby is just a little blob, but it melts your heart anyway. :)


~m~ - February 20

By all means, take your hubby!!!! The first appt is the biggest one in my opinion. Vaginal ultrasound shows the baby and it's heartbeat, etc. He should really be there. If you want mom to be there, take her too, but don't take her INSTEAD. This appt makes it all real, and it is so exciting.


Tina - February 22

Thanks Ladies! man would love to come..I dont want the nurses rolling their eyes at me when I tag along my family to the first appt.!! Who cares, right? Thanks again! :)


Lucky1 - February 22

Tina, Why not, my husband came with me to my first visit, my doctor actually told me to bring him to my first appt. I go for my second appointment March 1st and my husband told me he's definately going. I wouldn't worry about what the nurses think, you have a supportive man, thats all that matters...Congrats!!



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