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carrie - November 27

My question is this is my second pregnancy and the first one ended in miscarriage. I am in my 6th week and I have had a little brown discharge happening it is not all the time off and on when i go to the bathroom on the tp I am just woundering if people out there that has gone through the same thing to give me some information on how there pregnancys went thanks


adaeliah - November 27

hey carrie. im so sorry to hear about your m/c. i too have had a m/c as well as a chemical pregnancy. i am sort of in the same boat as you, the only thing is i dont know for sure if i actually am pregnant yet or not. the day my af was due i started a brown discharge and i still have it now 5 days later. it is mainly when i wipe also. hardly any gets on my panty liner. i dont have any symptoms that af is on its way. i also dont have any real pregnancy symptoms either. i did do a test this afternoon which was very very very EXTREMELY faint positive. it has not convinced me yet. i will test in a bout 2 days time. i know this is not much of a help with info on your situation but i have read in other threads that many woman have had brown discharges in early pregnancies and gone on to have healthy babies. so try not to worry and stress ok. (easier said than done i know) and if it persists or is stressing you out, see your doctor so maybe he can ease your mind a little. as far as i understand as long as it doesnt go red and increase in amount along with cramping, you should be fine, but your best bet is to see your doctor just to be sure. good luck carrie xx


adaeliah - November 27

also, i was just looking up bleeding during pregnancy and found some statistics. they read: "Around one in four women will experience v____al bleeding in the first three months of pregnancy. Of these women 70-80% will continue their pregnancies to full term" (this is referred to brown spotting also) i hope this helps to ease your mind.



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