Chills A Symptom Of Pregnancy

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countrymom - January 19

I've been noticing that I have chills with this pregnancy, almost like cold/flu. I googled it and it seems like it's a rather common symptom. Who knew.. Anyone here ever have it?


ginger19 - January 20

how far along are you? I am not pregnant, but ttc - about 5 dpo right it's still early to be experiencing any symptoms. I am experiencing what you are talking about - I feel like I have a fever, but only 97.8 temp. I have the chills, cold sweat, and feel dizzy off and on. I know it's really too early, so perhaps this is the flu....but how early did you experience this?


sarah21 - January 20

I am having the same thing. I didn't have it with my other pregnancy but this time my body temperature seems to be all over the place. I'll be freezing one minute and hot the next. Pregnancy does crazy things to our bodies!


countrymom - January 20

Ginger...I started to experience the chills about 6 weeks into the pregnancy and have read about this as one of the weirder symptoms of pregnancy.


Crystal83 - January 24

Yes! I have it soo bad. This is my 4th pregnancy and I don't remember having this as bad as it is now. I constantly feel like I have a fever and I've been having cold sweats at night too... I have never sweat at night before. Then I'll get these really intense heat waves once in awhile, so I'm constantly putting sweaters and blankets on and off all the time. It's horrible, lol, but I don't think it'll last much longer.


Crystal83 - January 24

Oh and i'm in my 6th week too.



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