Confused About Weeks

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alisonelecia - February 21

So my last AF was Dec 4. When I check online it says that I am 11weeks and 2 days. I've been following along with books and websites to see where things are developing and I'm finding myself a bif confused. Am I then in my 12th week today? All the calculators say that I start the second trimester on Feb.26. Is this right? I don't know why this is so hard for me to figure out. I so badly want to be out of this scary first trimester (had a m/c late last year), so I can breath a sigh of relief. Thank you in advance for any help!


mommy fin - February 21

My last AF was Dec 5. I have had three Hcg levels and they all say I am at 12 wks. I really want to get in to see my OBGYN, But I have to wait ,


ginger6363 - February 21

hey alison, I am going to add more confusion to your question---sorry---my last AF was Nov 23 and I am 11w3d. I ovulated late and based on my u/s dating I am indeed 11w3d. You need a combination of your last AF date and your u/s dating to get a more accurate estimate of how far along you are. You can always go by your last AF date, but if you did not ovulate exactly on day 14 then it's just an estimation. Good luck!


alisonelecia - February 21

yes, my doctor said based on the two u/s I had, I ovulated right at cd14. (at 7w2d measured 11.4mm and at 10w1d measured 32.7mm). So that means I am in my 12th week with the first trimester ending on Monday?


ginger6363 - February 21

Oh, I see what you are saying about 11 vs 12 weeks. Even though I am 11w3d, the books I have say I am in my 12th week. That's because of the way they count it. Think of the fact that we are in the 21st century but only the year 200x. It's the same thing. There's a thread on this board about when the second trimester starts and, while there is a lot of debate, most agree that it starts at the end of your 13th week.


javidsgirl - February 21

/ i found this website helpful i hope it helps you


Tammy276 - February 21

If you are 11w3d, you are in your 12th week. When you hit 12 weeks, you are 12 weeks complete and entering into your 13th week. Does that make sense to you?


ginger6363 - February 21

great site javidsgirl!



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