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elizD - February 28

Hi I am supposed to be almost 6 weeks pregnant by my LMP. Last night I had very very bad cramps (felt like contractions). It turned out that I had to go to the bathroom. Once I did, the cramps went away immediately. There has not been any bleeding yet. Does anyone know if this is normal?


tk07 - February 28

it is definately normal, especially if they went away after you went to the bathroom. no bleeding is always good too! i would be concerned if you had them and either didn't have to go to the bathroom or they continued. i get cramps from that too, and really sharp gas pains, but i got those before i was pregnant also! good luck with everything!


Kime - February 28

Yes it is normal. I am 22 weeks and have been very constipated lately b/c i take iron for my anemia. And last night i thought i was going into preterm labor b/c my stomach hurt so bad. Even after i went to the bathroom, i had the worst cramps in my back i guess b/c of gas. It was so horrible i was about to cry.


julierose - February 28

oh yes, dont worry. Im now 16 weeks, and had period like cramps till about 7-8 weeks. My doc said its normal and is usually your uterous stretching out. So no worries!!


elizD - February 28

Thanks! I went to the DR today and he said that since they went away after going to the bathroom he thought it was ok. Still, very scary. I was certain I was having a miscarriage last night. I got more blood drawn today to make sure my numbers are still doubling. Other than that I will just have to wait until my first u/s march 15. It will be a long 2 weeks!!!


ChattyKathy - February 28

Honey, if you aren't bleeding cramps could really mean a number of things non-miscarriage related. Don't worry about every ache a pain, you'll have many! Its too much to worry about, you'll end up driving yourself crazy. Just relax. Its probably constipation cramps.



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