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Ava - November 17 12:36am

Hi ladies. Just as soon as I started feeling okay enough to have s_x with my husband again, I was in the shower and thought I would very gently check to see where my cervix was. I am glad I did! When I first got pregnant, my cervix was so high that I couldn't even touch it. Now, at 10 weeks, it is so low that I can touch it after inserting only half a is right there! It is probably only about 1.5 inches inside my body and that makes me alittle nervous. I don't have a doctors appointment for several weeks - but I still have all my pregnancy symptoms...nausea and very sore br___ts...anyone else have an extremely low cervix? I couldn't have s_x now even if I wanted to!!

AA - November 17 3:29pm

Hi, I don't know what it means but I'm experiencing something similar. I am 6wks and my 1st dr. appt is next tues. but I have normal symptoms-sore b___sts, tired, crabby, no sickness yet though. dh and I had s_x this morning and i had very slight spotting. Just very light pink when i wiped. Wasn't painful or anything But later today I checked my cervix and it is very low also. I don't know what it means but kind of scares me.

? - November 17 3:33pm

If your cercix is that low where is your urethra?

* - November 17 3:39pm

Your urethra is in a different part. It's not in the v____al cavity it is between your v____a and your c___toris and connects to the bladder. It is very small and hard to find, but its there. If it were in the same orifice as your cervix and uterus you'd be alot more prone to get infections and such.

Ava - November 17 7:15pm

Thanks * ! I don't have a clue where the urethra is, but I will take your word for it. I have been doing some research and found that some women end up with their cervix so low, that they can feel it with their hand when they wipe. Apparently, as long as it is closed it is not a fact, if it is too low they can somehow push it back up...have NO idea how, but that is what I have read.

to * - November 18 6:19pm

Unfortunately, you are wrong. Your urethra IS in your v____a... in fact, I think that is what you are feeling. Itg is located just inside of the v____al opening, maybe just over a fingertip.. and it is a fleshy bump the size of a marble. Your cervix is located behind your urethra, maybe a finger length or more. Just to proove me wrong.. next time you get ready to take a bath, bring a mirror with you.. LOOK at yourself.. and ( I know this sounds a little dirty) maybe pee just a little. I think you will see that the "cervix" that you are feeling is ACTUALLY your urethra.

Ava - November 18 8:08pm
Reply is my cervix. I think * was right...I did some research and called my doctor and he said the urethra is not inside the v____a and that my cervix has probably dropped b/c the baby is getting bigger. Thanks for your advice, but I think you are wrong.

* - November 18 8:29pm

I am going to school for nursing and just learned about the reproductive systems and that is how I came across the info about your urethra not being in the v____al opening because when I learned that I was surprised because I formerly a__sumed it was up in there somewhere. Please believe me, this information is valid. Thanks Ava.

to * - November 18 8:35pm

OK. then where is YOUR urethra? where do YOU pee out of? You will be able to see if you do so with a mirror. You will SEE your urethra. ( how someone can't even know about their own basic anatomy just confuses me.) and believe me, you will SEE that your urine is coming out of a bump just inside your v____al opening.. despite your claims otherwise. You don't have to take my word for it.... GO CHECK FOR YOURSELF.

* - November 18 8:45pm

It doesn't make any sense in argueing about it just look at any map of the female reproductive body and you will see. When you are peeing on your mirror it may look like it but it is a completely different hole. Believe me I wouldn't say something as a matter of fact unless I knew for sure.

* - November 18 8:50pm

Go to google and look up -female reproductive system-go to the pictures option and it will show tons of diagrams and then you'll see.

. - November 18 9:14pm

A drawn picture doesn't accurately represent actual female anatomy. Maybe look at an actual picture? Here's one to try.. ( the urethra isn't labled on this diagram, but it is the bump just under where the arrow ends pointing at the v____a. ) Although the easiest way to really know, not looking at pictures on the net, is to GO LOOK AT YOURSELF.

* - November 18 9:48pm

Whatever, you irritate me-Goodbye

. - November 18 9:51pm

I see that you must have checked.. look, a lot of people don't know their own anatomy, it's not a big deal.

* - November 18 10:07pm

You know you refer me to a p___n site where it doesn't even label the urethra and then you expect me to believe you over scientific and educational doc_mentation. Whatever, did you look it up how I suggested? So you can't blame me if I believe valid research over your theory about peeing on your mirror. Sorry. You need to get your facts. Even if it is close to the v____a it is still a different hole and I was not wrong. If you looked it up you would be able to admit that.

* - November 18 10:13pm

I did look at that site and clicked on the Female Anatomy to the left and that backs me up also. Check it out.

Ava - November 18 10:33pm

Since this became such an issue, I went and peed on a mirror...sorry * is still right...I have a "pee hole" above my v____al opening, right below the c___toris, and then the v____al opening, and then the rectum...So 3 holes that have nothing to do with each other. OMG...I can't believe I actually peed on a mirror!!


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