First Time Mom S When Did You Start Showing

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babymama06 - June 26

Somedays I think I get a little bigger then wake up the next day and nothing... When did you start to show first time mommies??? OH, by the way, GOOD LUCK!!!


Nell143 - June 26

I am 11 weeks and 5 days and I look pretty chubby right now.


JESS1980 - June 26

I am now 33 weeks, and I did not start showing until around 24 weeks.


babymama06 - June 26

Nell-11 weeks 5 days too! Are you due Jan 17th??? How exciting... :)


Lala - June 26

Yes, I would like to hear when other first time mommies started showing too. From what I know, most don't until well into the second trimester. I just have lots of bloating now that makes people think I am showing a little at 9 weeks.


Nell143 - June 26

I am Due on January 10, 2007 My original due date was the 13th. I think your dates are a little off Baby mama. It is very exciting. I know what you mean through out the day it seems like you have gained more by the end. I feel bigger... by morning a lot of it has gone down. I weighted myself after I ate I realize that isn't the same at first thing in the morning. I have gained 2 lbs must have been that roast beef sandwich lol!


babymama06 - June 27

Nell-well the doctor said that i was due on Jan 17th so that's my story and i am sticking too it... wonder why there is a difference???? Wierd


Nell143 - June 27

Babymama- It is weird though. Oh well the baby's will come when they are good and ready! lol! What are your symptoms? I am begining to get some interesting cravings like Steak.... mashed potatoes and mac and cheese mixed together. MMMM!


dyh316 - June 27

I'm a first time momma!! Due date is Jan 6th. I started showing at like 6 weeks. Now i'm on my 12th week and i've gained about 20 pounds and look like i'm about 6 months already. I feel like a heffa but i'm all tummy. I don't really watch what i eat..whatever i am in the mood for i'll eat. I haven't been exercising because i have been bleeding and was told to stay off my feet and not do anything too strenuous. I'm already getting stretch marks too. My mom was the same way with me, she told me she gained most of her weight in the first trimester..maybe its genetic! Good Luck ladies!


babymama06 - June 27

Nell-true, no matter what the due date is its highly unlikely that they are going to be right..... LOL!!!! anyhoo-well we crave the same thing... All I want is expensive.... Steak, Lobster, Crab....All the stuff that costs way too much $$$!!!!


Nell143 - June 27

LOL! That is so funny! I have been wanting like candy with coconut in it like major! I am loving the ability to eat! I feel like if I stop eating my tummy will eat itself!


laura8 - June 28

i am 9 weeks, 2 days and just look fat! cant wait until people start realizing that i am pregnant and not just fat!


parkermegan - June 28

Well, I starting showing bloat from like 7wks. But, this past week I have popped out more and think it is more baby now! You can see all my belly pics on my site They are under "Baby Albums"



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