First Trimester Concerns Need Some Help

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Ashlie24 - May 16

Hi everyone this is my second pregnancy my last one resulted in a miscarriage that happend last October 2008. With my last pregnancy I was almost bleeding right away and it didn't stop I was about 4 weeks long if I remember right. Now that I am pregnant again I have no bleeding but some cramping here and there nothing painful I just feel it every once in a while, also with this one I am showing some symptons I am always so tired and sometimes feel a bit sick in the morning but i'm not at the toilet.. Another reason why I am concerned is because I am a smoker and I was smoking before I knew I was pregnant, and I still am at times I have cut down A LOT but I still feel like a terrible person because I can't stop...I really don't want to miscarry again because the first time was painful are my chances higher this time, or are they lower can someone help me please!! god bless!!


dukeblue1212 - May 16

Your concerns are exactly the same ones I'm having. This is my 3rd pregnancy - miscarried at 10 weeks and had a chemical pregnancy. I'm about five weeks along now. I occasionally feel slight cramping, but I'm not bleeding. I am sick to my stomach in the morning, but haven't thrown up yet. My b___sts are tender and swollen. Since I'm still having all the symptoms I'm just trying to stay optimistic and pray that this little bean is here to stay. I'll keep you in my thoughts, let me know.


dukeblue1212 - May 16

I forgot to mention that I am also a smoker, well normally I smoked five to six cigarettes a day before I found out I am pregnant. I am now down to about two per day. I know I need to quit completely and plan on doing so, but for some reason I just can't totally kick the habit.


Ashley2121 - May 18

I am currently 12 weeks 1 day pregnant with twins and I just wanted to give you ladies a little rea__surance - I also had cramps in the very beginning and was a nervous wreck as it had taken me more than a year to get pregnant. My dr said as long as they are not causing you to double over in pain and your not bleeding lots then everything should be ok. THe fact that both of you are having pregnancy symptoms is very rea__suring. When do you both go back to the drs? Once you find out everything is ok try to relax - trust me I know its easier said than done but those first few weeks I was pregnant I was so stressed and losing sleep worrying that something was going to happen. I am crossing my fingers for the both of you and wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months :)


TurnerBabyCraze - June 27

I am having some brown discharge only when I wipe and only noticed it the first time because it was on my panties. The day before that I had a LOT of white discharge. I am 5w3d. Is this something I should worry about yet? I know brown is supposed to be "old blood" but I am still nervous, as this is my first pregnancy.


Ashley2121 - June 29

White discharge is 100% normal - it was one of my 1st signs of pregnancy and I still have it. Brown is ok it is "old blood". Try to stay positive and enjoy your pregnancy!! :)


TurnerBabyCraze - June 29

Thanks Ashley2121! The brown discharge is gone! it only lasted about 5 hours and it was only when I wiped! Thank god! yeah my hubby said why dont we do some hanky panky (b/c I wont have s_x yet.. so nervous!) and I said I dont think you want to go down there!!! (because of the white discharge! haha. I know gross!



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