Had LEEP Done While Pregnant

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Julie Ann - September 1

2 weeks ago I had a LEEP done for severe cervical dysplasia. They ran urine test before the Colpo and the LEEP that came back negative. I found out yesterday by blood test that I am pregnant.(At this point Im guessing Im around 4-5 weeks) So I was pregnant when I had my LEEP. I spotted the first week after the LEEP and then stopped. I went to the doctor (not a GYN because we are military and you only get referrals to specialty doctors on a one visit at a time basis*note a Civilian GYN doctor did do my LEEP) yesterday for thick dark yellow va___al discharge. I was a little late so they ran blood test along with examining me and taking cultures (which I will know by Thurs. about the test results of those if it comes back un-normal). Iv been having cramping all night and this morning woke up and was spotting the first time I went to the bathroom(which could be from them examining me yesterday and my cervix is still healing...but). I plan to call the doctor first thing but am scared to death about the whole situation. Im suppose to be waiting for someone from the OB office on the army post here to contact me about my first appointment but Im a 'doer' and wont sit here and wait for that. I have a 2.5 yr old healthy little boy so this will be my second pregnancy. I dont remember this cramping so bad with him. Can they see by ultrasound at this point if everything is okay?


G - November 9

I suggest you demand that the Army do something about it right now. Ask for an ultrasound right away. I have had LEEP done, and they tested me as a precaution BEFORE they did the procedure. I hope you are alright. I would not wait around for some slow witted moron from the Army post to contact you either. Maybe you could just go to the hospital? Please tell me how you go. Fingers crossed.



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