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naomi - March 15

Wednesday. What a weekend, for the first time since seeing the positive test I feel pregnant. On friday and saturday afternoons I just wanted to curl up and sleep, I had sore br___ts ( the pain has gone now) I also woke up on monday moning with pain in my lower abbs it felt like I had been doing lots of sit ups ( as if) I am a little worried about the pain, but it seems a bit better today. I am trying to drink 2L of water a day , I love water but do not enjoy going to the toilet all the time. I will try and keep it up.Last night I woke up hungry, after a small snack I feel back to sleep thank goodness. I am marking off each day in my diary and recording the food that I eat, also each time I go for a walk. My goal is to walk 4 times a week for 30-40 mins( I was walking this before getting pregnant) catch up with you all next wednesday



what is going on in 6weeks of my pregnancy?


Nora - May 18

I'm due Jan 18th! I am 5 weeks. 35 Days since LNMP. So that means tomorrow, I'll be going into my 6 week! I'm so excited. We TriedTC for 8 months! I'm so excited. What's you due date?


Lisa - May 19

To Nora. My due date is also Jan 18th! We have been TTC for 12 months. Have you started telling anyone yet?


Nora - May 19

Lisa, I'm so excited. We were TTC for 8 months and my husband has a low sperm count. So we are extremely excited! We haven't told anyone for two reasons. First, we want to make it out of the clear, so we decided on 11 weeks! The second reason is my sister is getting married on the 18th and this is her time (I'm also the matron of honor). I don't want people to not focus all of the attention on her. This will be my parents 1st grandchild. My mother keeps asking me when she going to be a grandma. So we figure 1 week after the wedding will be a good time to break the news. I just hope I can last that long. I am dying to tell! :->


Nora - May 19

I just want to tell you ladies that I feel like I graduated. I was posting/visiting in the 'Problem getting pregnant' forum for a while. I am so happy to be in the 1st Trimester group. Yeah!


Lisa - May 19

Nora, that is so sweet that you are waiting until after your sisters wedding. Do you think you might need to make adjustments to your dress? I am already growing out of my clothes. This will be the first grand child for my parents, too.


Nora - May 19

Lisa, I bought the dress too big :> I'm waiting until 2 weeks before the wedding to get it altered. I hope it will fit and no one will notice. Have you had your first prenatal visit? We are scheduled to go on 6/1.



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