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????? - August 10 6:28pm

How far along were you before you started showing? If you've been pregnant before will you start showing earlier?

JustWondering - August 11 1:52pm

Id like to know the same thing because ill b 7 weks saturday and i have about 2 extra inches in my belly- im 15 and 110lbs. is this actually possible? jw- thanks!

Valerie - August 11 2:03pm

I'm only 5 weeks and already feel bloated, but my clothes are only tighter when I sit down. You do start showing sooner if it is your second. When you do start to show it will pop out first below your belly b___ton.

K - August 11 2:41pm
Reply has lots of pictures week by week of ladies bellies who are pregnant! Some of them you can tell they're showing at 6 weeks

???? - August 11 4:42pm

Thanks for the website. It was very helpful. I read somewhere that with 2nd pregnancies you can start showing earlier than the 1st.

Sallie - August 11 5:17pm

Great! You all just answered my question. I am 6.5 weeks and this week I have started feeling really bloated below my belly b___ton and I was worrying that this is a little too early and I am going to be a whale by the end of this!!

?? - August 11 6:30pm

You can also go to amazing pregnancy to the gallery of photos, pregnancy bellies, they have more pictures,.

Kelly - August 20 4:54pm

8 weeks


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